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March 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m sharing with you my March 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. 

If you want to see how I set up my bullet journal for 2020, click here

Since 2018, I’ve kept my bullet journal set minimalist. I started keeping my bujo as functional as possible, keeping only the basics layout. Which in turn leveled up my productivity. Hooray!

I thought for 2020, I will start publishing my monthly bullet journal layout again. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my bujo set ups. 


March 2020 Monthly Calendar

For the monthly page, I decided to go back to previous setups that worked for me. It’s a page with a simple rundown of dates and days of the month at the center. I have my personal events on the left side and my work-related events on the right side. 

The only con for this kind of setup is when you have multiple events in a day. Thankfully, March so far is still an almost free month for me. 

March 2020 Goals, Tasks and Projects

On the next page I have my goals, tasks and projects for March 2020. Same as the monthly calendar, I divided it between personal and work goals. 

For personal, I already included both my life and blog goals, tasks and projects. An example of my personal goal for this month is to finish reading three books. Two out of three, I was already in the middle of last month. 

When it comes to blogging, aside from being at least a week in advance on my postings, I also like to publish new videos on YouTube. I already have two pre-filmed that I am excited to edit. I’m really happy with the progress that I’m making on the blog/vlog side. I hope it continues.

For work, I just wrote down a bunch of project deadlines and monthly tasks I have. 

March 2020 Habit Tracker

I’m really slow when it comes to habits but I still find a habit tracker helpful. For this month, I made it even more minimalist with just the typical habits I want and the days of March 2020. For every task or habit I did, I just put a cross. 

On the upper side is a tracker for my mood and productivity. 


March 2020 Budget and Expense Tracker

In the beginning, I separate my financial layouts from my main bullet journal. I decided to have a different notebook for my finances. However, for 2020 I decided to put it on my main bujo in one for easy tracking. 

The budget page is just a simple layout for me to allocate my salary. Since I get paid twice a month I decided to have two layouts as well. 

For my expense tracker, I just simply write all expenses I do in a day. After the full week, I then highlight my expense tracker between my needs (green), wants (red) and outside my salary (gray).


March 2020 Daily and Weekly Pages

Lastly, I have my weekly and daily pages for the month of March 2020. This weekly layout is one the few that really worked for me. 

The weekly layout I used is in one spread. The left side is like a weekly dashboard to give an overview of the main dates and deadlines of the week and the different tasks that are still undated.

For the other side, I have my daily pages. Whenever a new day starts, I transfer the tasks I need to do from the weekly dashboard and make sure that I complete them. If time doesn’t permit, I put an arrow to denote move to the next day.

That’s it for my March 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up.

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