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6 Budget-Friendly Brow Kits for Beginners

Brows are important for me. I can't leave the house without filling in my brows and doing religiously my brow routine. 

It was during my college days when I first learned to use a brow pencil and it took me years before I finally had mastered what brows work for me. 

Revlon ColorStay Brow Kit

Revlon has long been a maker of great makeup products. I was fortunate to try out their concealer and lipstick before. Their ColorStay Brow Kit has been dubbed as the kit that has it all. It’s an all-in-one kit that will help you create your brows on fleek. 

First, the kit already has a pomade and powder in it. The kit also includes one dual-ended angled brushes and a spoolie. You want to use the pomade first to prep your brows and seal the makeup with the powder on top. 

The pomade is said to be lightweight and holds the brow hairs in place. The powder on the hand comes in four different shades so you will really find what suits you better.

Price - Php 437.50

L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit

Each L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit has two powder brow shades, a highlighter, a clear wax, a tweezer and a dual-ended brush. 

The L.A. Girl Inspiring Brow Kit comes in three different shades - Light and Bright, Medium and Marvelous as well as Dark and Defined.

I think this is the on-the-go brow kit you’ll need in case you work as a host or in the media. The addition of tweezer and highlighter compared to other brow kits make it emerge on top of the list. It has all the necessities needed to make defined brows.

CoverGirl Easy Breezy Brow Powder Kit

Unlike the other brow kits in this list, this comes with three powders - a filler, a shaper and a definer. 

This is also the three-step technique suggested by the product to create that perfect brow. First, fill in the sparse areas. Then, shape the tail and outline. Lastly, define the arch. 

I really love the packaging of this one. It comes with a metal casing that’s sturdy and perfect for someone like me who’s usually clumsy. 

Price - Php 399

Autraliz Browz IT Eyebrow Perfecting Kit

This brand is pretty new to me so it easily caught my attention. In the perfecting kit you have a brow wax that helps your brows stay in place. You also have two shades of brow powders, one darker and the other lighter for a natural finish. Lastly, it has two tools available - a tweezer and a dual-ended brush. 

Because the brow wax has color you want to be careful in using it as your base. 

Price - Php 595

Now let’s move on for local brow kits. 

BYS Brow Definition Kit Pow Brows

The BYS Brow Definition Kit Pow Brows comes with four products - two brow powders to define, a clear wax to shape and tame and a dual-ended applicator. 

Price - Php 399

Shawill Eyebrow Cushion

The Shawill Eyebrow Cushion is such a unique product because instead of powders, you’ll use a cushion instead. The air cushion formula gives just the right amount of product to define the brows. It also dries to powder, has long-lasting formula and is water assistant.

Another exciting feature of this Shawill Eyebrow Cushion is it has a foldable dual applicator. This handy tool will help you apply the product without a fuss. 

Price - Php 350

EB Advance Brow Kit

The EB Advance Brow Kit is designed to shape, fill in, and hold your brows in place. The kit comes in three shades of brown that blends with anyone’s natural brow color.

You may use the wax to get the tame the brow hairs into your desired shape. Then, use the brow powders to fill in the bald spots. Because it has three different shades you’ll surely find the right one for you.

What’s good about the EB Advance Brow Kit, it comes with a tweezer and brush for proper eyebrow grooming.

Price - Php 220

Do you have any favorite eyebrow product?


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