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Minimalist Bullet Journal Accounts I Follow


Today I created a list of minimalist bullet journal accounts I follow. 

Since 2017 I’ve been maintaining a minimalist bullet journal. The switch to a minimalist bullet journal helped me so much in terms of productivity and I have to thank all the accounts below for the inspirations:


Lilian Letters @lilian.letters

Lillian is my go to minimalist bullet journal account for her Monthly Overview, Brainstorm session and Instagram Content Calendar. I believe we have the same style when it comes to minimalist set up, just using one to two highlight colors and black pen. I really enjoy how consistent she is when it comes to her post.

BooksofNotes @booksofnotes

What I enjoy most about BooksofNotes is her fresh ideas for minimalist bullet journal set ups. She is one of my inspirations for the only weekly layout that worked for me so far. She is also an advocate for self-care and getting things done.

TheProfessorsBujo @theprofessorsbujo

If you want a minimalist bullet journal account that will give you functional layouts, this is the account you need to follow. I have tried and tested most of her monthly layouts and they are really meant to make you productive. is one of the very first minimalist journal accounts I followed. Her layouts are so simple and addicting. I used to do boxes for my monthly and weekly pages too because of her layouts. I love how she’s maximizing every space in her bullet journal.

HoneyRozes @honeyrozes

I really enjoy HoneyRozes style of bullet journaling. Just like @theprofessorbujo her layouts are functional as well. She provides such unique layouts that makes you get things done. Her account is perfect for those who want reignite their passion for bullet journal. 

RediscoverAnalog @rediscoveranalog

Another minimalist bullet journal account I’ve been following for inspirations every now and then is @rediscoveranalog. What I enjoy most about her account is her monthly layouts and journal entries. 

NerdwithNotes @nerdwithnotes

I really love @nerdwithnotes minimalist bullet journal layouts. Her weekly layouts are so nice to look at and easy to replicate. 

Minimal Journal @minimaljournal

Minimal Journal promotes minimalist bullet journaling that works for you not against you. Something I’ve understood two years after I started the whole bullet journal system. His brain dump, time ladder and weekly layouts are soooo good. 

Bullet Journalish @bullet_journalish

What I love about @bullet_journalish is how simple, minimalistic and monochromatic her spreads are. Even how good she is in making lines and other shapes on her pages. Really one of the best minimalist bullet journal accounts I follow.

Bullet Journal with Faith @bulletjournalwithfaith

Last but not the least is @bulletjourbalwithfaith! Her pages are colorful but still have a minimalistic vibe. Her spreads are functional and not overwhelming at all. I also really adore her handwriting. 

That’s it for this list. Who are your favorite minimalist bullet journal accounts to follow?

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