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How to Get Your Blog Noticed

One of the most frequent questions every newbie blogger asks is this - how do I get my blog noticed?

To be read and found is such an amazing feeling for every blogger.

I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am blogging if I haven’t had any readers in the first place.

Did you know that there are over 2.8 million blog posts being written on a daily basis? Source - Worldometers. With that amount of new posts being published every single day, how do you get your blog noticed? How do you get your blog discovered by others? How do you find new readers that will eventually turn to loyal followers of your blog?

In this post I will be sharing some helpful tips on how to get your blog noticed. 


1. Get your own domain and hosting solution

Growing your blog and building an audience comes with a price.

Having your own domain and web hosting solution will become the biggest turning point of my blogging life.

You will realize that a blog, no matter how small or big it may be, deserves its own residency in the online community. 

2. Submit your blog to the Search Engines

This is a crucial step that will help your blog be found by anyone searching using Google and/or Bing. 

What you should do?

Submit your website by adding your blog’s sitemap in Search Console. According to your sitemap is usually located at If you don’t see it there, check your robots.txt file by visiting; this will usually list the sitemap URL.

3. Market on Pinterest

Pinterest has slowly become a great tool for bloggers, whether new or seasoned, to get noticed on the internet. 

Pinterest is one of the more versatile, affordable, and impactful marketing tools for bloggers and businesses alike to drive more traffic. Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can post photos with links. 

What should you do?

Create a blog post graphic that promotes the articles published on your website. You can 

Also create infographics for top posts to visually convey any important data from your blog post. 

4. Apply basic SEO on your blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

The goal is pretty simple, bring your content on the first page of search engine results. People will more often than not visit your website when they see your link on the first ten results of their web search.

How to implement SEO on your blog for traffic.


Whenever you write a post think of the main keyword you want to highlight in your post. Then, disseminate this keyword throughout your content.

Include your keyword in the following locations:



First paragraph of your blog post

Throughout your content

End paragraph of your blog post

Alt text on images in your post

Meta Description of your post

5. Make your content high-quality and valuable

Your content is a deciding factor whether a visitor will turn to a loyal reader to your blog.

Great content makes your blog stand out from the rest.

I started IzzaGlinoFull with posts that are too vague and shallow. The blog has no direction at all. Then just last year I made a change in the way I write my content.

Quality before quantity.

Publishing high-quality content became my first priority. And it shows in the sudden spike of traffic how advantageous this decision went.

Whenever I think of a new blog post to write I think of the following:

1. Is this post useful?
2. Is this post relevant?
3. Is this post what my audience needs?

If each question has a resounding answer of a yes then I know it is worth the time writing.

6. Get involved in social media

Social media has become a great source of traffic to bloggers over the years.

Almost everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, so there’s a great chance to be found by the masses.

Your duty as a blogger doesn’t stop once you created a social media profile. To get massive traffic, you need to get involved.

Here are some ways you can promote your blog on social media:

  • Build your own community with a Facebook Group. This is a good idea if your blog is within a specific niche. If you have a travel blog, you can start a Facebook Group of Newbie Travel Bloggers. This will gather like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you. You can even create a vague like Philippine Travel for example.

  • Pinterest is another booming tool in promoting content. It works as an active visual search engine to find inspirations online. You need to create graphics specifically meant for Pinterest. These photos should be enticing enough and must answer what the searcher needs. Follow me on Pinterest

  • Create an Instagram account for your blog to build better engagement and promote more. Instagram can be very tasking at first but it could help bring a ton of traffic on your blog especially if you are in the beauty and lifestyle category. Instagram is all about highly curated photos with call-to-action captions. Follow me on Instagram
When it comes to getting traffic through social media my greatest tip is to focus on 1 to 2 accounts first. Juggling multiple social media accounts can be very tough and you may lose your focus at the end of the day.

A social media plan is also important.

Personally, I keep a separate Google Doc that contains my social media schedule. This helps me maintain presence in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino.

Of course, my social media routine (just like my blog routine) is far from perfect. I will have days when I don’t publish anything new. But, knowing I have a page to check back when I’m in a rot turned out to be helpful.   

7. Improve your content’s form and visual

You really have to spend much time producing a blog post that people will love to read.

Always check on the content of the bloggers you enjoy reading and evaluate what it is about their post that makes you hooked.

Try to emulate even half of that on your next post.

Here are more tips:

1. Always use headings and bullets

Headings and bullets are helpful to make sure that your readers can easily follow the information you publish. Bigger fonts in bold are helpful too to put emphasis on a certain word or phrase on your post.

2. Use shorter paragraphs 

Another important change I made on my posts is writing in short paragraphs. This helps keep the eyes of the readers on your blog. You want them to scroll and reach the end of your post. Always read your post after drafting. Kapag sa iyo pa lang, nabibilaukan ka na then your readers will surely find your content too difficult to read. Keep your sentences shorter and simple.

3. Write long content 

Long content produces credibility as a blogger. You can be easily perceived as an authority in the topic you're talking about. It is also easier to put links within the post that could point your readers to old content. Aim to make your post longer. 1500 words minimum. My posts tend to be between 2500 to 4000 words.

4. Include photos

Images can enhance a blog post. It actually helps in the overall production value of your blog post. Included in this tip are charts, graphs and print screens that could better explain your content.

5. Tell a story if you must

Sharing your anecdotes related to your content helps in establishing your own voice as a blogger. And that blogging voice helps to distinguish yourself from the rest.

I wish you all the best in your blogging journey. Whether you are a new blogger or you are currently in a limbo, I hope the blogging tips I mentioned help you.


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