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Hello, 27! - A Post-Birthday Reflection

Last November 9, I celebrated my 27th birthday. 

Today I thought of sharing with you a quick post-birthday reflection. I thought of answering prompt questions I got online and really think about what the past year has been and how I can move forward better in the next year.

Let’s begin.


What are the highlights of my 26th year?

When I think back on my 26th year I remember these important events in my life:

Taiwan Travel 

For my birth week last year I travelled with my eldest sister to Taiwan. It was such an amazing experience. Taiwan is such a beautiful country and I really enjoyed our itinerary which includes a lot of eating out! 

I also can’t forget the underground indie music fest we went to as it was a first time experience for me. On my exact birthday, November 9 we went to a famous hot pot restaurant. We had such a sumptuous meal. Of course, I also have to add seeing the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in person and witnessing the changing of guards which happens every hour.

To read more about this trip plus see other photos click 6Days and 5Nights Taiwan Trip.

Victory Makati Church Community

I think it was in my 26th year that I really fully engaged and participated in the church community from attending Discipleship events to volunteering. 

It was a year I really let myself be used by God in the ministry. I was able to pray and use my spiritual gift to give encouragement to others.

Even when the pandemic happened and we had to transition to online work, God has been faithful. I was able to serve in social media creating Instagram Stories and other simple posts. 

It was a year I felt really close to the people at the church even though we are serving online. I’m just really happy to have found new friends and a family out of the VMak Church Community. 


Job Promotion

I also got promoted in February 2020. I got the promotion I prayed and hoped for, for the last three years. Hooray! God is good. My salary was adjusted to up to 30% which is still insane to think right now. This is my very first promotion in my current company and I’m thankful it happened before the whole pandemic began. 

Webinar opportunities

When I started getting invited to do financial literacy talks, I was  ecstatic. It has always been my life goal to be able to conduct seminars to groups of people. But when the pandemic happened, I really thought the financial literacy talks would stop. 

Lo’ and behold, the invitation continues. So far I’ve done financial literacy talks to three different companies and have a scheduled webinar with two university clubs. 

I’m so grateful for opportunities like this and I pray they continue. 

Personal Growth + Productive Routines

With more time due to the work-from-home situation I was able to really focus on my personal growth and productive routines. It was the year I journaled a lot, I practiced self-care, and I exercised. I was really happy to have found a productive routine for myself. I wake up early, do my morning pages, do my quiet time, and read a book. 

I also started sharing my personal growth journey in this blog. You can read a lot of my personal growth stories HERE

This is my exercise graph for 2020

This is my exercise graph 2019


Living with my parents again

For the last 13 years I’ve been living separately from my parents because they need to attend the store. They were renting this place a few meters away from our house and technically live there. 

Last August 2020, my parents finally quit their main source of income - a sari-sari store. It was a family decision since their health has been slowly deteriorating and the COVID-19 situation has been worsening at that time. 

Now, I’m living with my parents again. I am getting used with the new set up and I am treasuring every part of it. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner already prepared, being with my parents 24/7.  

Come January 2021, they plan to go to our province in Eastern Samar for good. That’s the plan for now. 

What are the lowlights of my 26th year?

The year 2020 in general has been pretty filled with lowlights. With natural disasters happening left and right to influential people departing. Above all, the pandemic happened which really affected everyone’s life in so many ways. Who would have thought we will be in the situation we are today?

Personally, it was a rough 2020. I lost my grandmother in July and just recently my uncle. It was tough. We also lost two other relatives this year. 

Financially, I struggled a bit. I had to shell out money for two things - moving the things of my parents from the store to the province and for the operation of my father. 

What are you thankful for your 26th year?

I think what I’m most grateful for in my 26th year is God’s provision. God’s provision has been so evident in my life throughout. I feel like I’ve been living in a state of overflow not just financially but also in terms of my productivity and my will.


What are the key learnings in your 26th year?

Focus on what God is doing in your life

A few weeks ago I found myself throwing a pity party 😭

I was browsing FB and IG accounts of some of my friends who are already in their season of marriage. Don't get me wrong. I know I'm still young to think about marriage. But, as someone who has been eternally single πŸ˜… Nakakalungkot din talaga.

So I was writing down in my journal while crying these words - I want to look back in a year or in the future saying, Lord you've been so faithful in my life. I want to genuinely say that. To be super happy at how Your plans have unfolded through the years. Na sasabihin ko "Ahh..kaya pala."

October 5, 2020 nangyari yan.

So while I was done with my pity party at nahimasmasan na ko, nag browse ako sa mga earlier entries ko sa aking journal. Until I got to February 3, 2020.

Nagulat ako sa sinulat ko that day:

Exactly 3 years ago, I got redundant in a job I thought I would end up with. The pain is still fresh. I can still remember how hard I cried. That time I thought nothing would go right in my life.

Then I got a new job. And now I am doing exactly what I love to do as a job. Things bound to happen for a reason. Because a time will surely come when you'll say "KAYA PALA, LORD." Grace lang talaga. LORDSHIP.


I realized na dahil nakafocus ako sa anung ginagawa ni God sa buhay ng ibang tao, di ko nakita yung nagawa Niya (at ginagawa Niya) para sa akin.

So what's the moral lesson at the end of this too long to read post? ✨


God's timing all the way. Your time will come. Sabi nga sa ISAIAH 30:18 - But GOD's not finished. He's waiting around to be gracious to you. He's gathering strength to show mercy to you. GOD takes the time to do everything.

May God heal our impatient heart.

Family matters

When the pandemic happened and we couldn’t meet, I really realized how much my family matters to me. I am grateful for the technology that we were able to bond even when it’s only online. We also had a chance to get together every now and then with caution. Treasure family because they are the ones who will be there for you no matter what. 

Where am I today at 27?

Today, I know I am still a work-in-progress especially in the area of personal growth and productive routines. There are more I want to improve on such as my daily habits. 

Currently, I handle a small group and serve in the church ministry - Social Media. I also volunteered to lead a sub-community a.k.a. CommuniTeams on the topic of financial stewardship called Money Matters. Financial literacy has always been my advocacy as Izza of and I’m glad for the opportunity to connect with others who share the same passion.

I also get more invites to do paid webinars from companies which I treasure the most. It gives me so much happiness to share my knowledge to more people. 

I am still in my happiest state doing what I love as my job. It truly makes a difference when you are passionate about what you do for a living. I live with my parents which will change come 2021. 

Where do I want to be at 28?

So where do I want to be from here? I want to continue being of service in the church community. I want to be as active as possible and really serve the community. I also want to do more financial literacy talks. 

I want to spend the year productively making sure that I set bigger goals and accomplish them. I also want to delegate more and hopefully hire someone for admin work. I know there are plenty of tasks that I could delegate. I need to delegate in order to make my growth. 



So here I am 27. 

What a milestone. 

Thank you Lord for continuously providing for me and my family. Just the mere protection in the midst of this pandemic is something we can be grateful for. 

It’s sad to have lost family members month after month after month but I know God has a plan. I know that we can trust in His healing Here’s to turning a year older, wiser, and better!

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