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Goodbye October, Hello November 2020

It's time to recap what happened for the month of October 2020 2020 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

Oh my! Can’t believe we are already bidding goodbye to October. 

The month of October was filled with meetings. Most were online and work-related while there were a few personal events I will share in this post. 

For October I’ve been coming to the office every other week instead of the previous set up where I have a two week work-from-home in between.  I also spent a week with my eldest sister towards the end of October 2020 which has always been a nice experience for me. 

In terms of my personal growth for the month of October, I’ve been great in the area of morning pages, daily devotionals and reading. However, I haven’t exercised that much compared to September 2020. 

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Work on Site Updates

For the month of October 2020, I’ve been reporting on site every other week. I’ve been slowly but surely adjusting to this new set up. Really grateful for the team I’ve been with who are just the most kalog people I know. Every work day is a day spent with laughter. They really make work not feel like work. 

Nica Day

To celebrate in advance my birthday, Nica and I met again. We had a pre-meeting meeting via Zoom first where we got to talk on each other’s life updates.  

Because Nica will be going to her province (spending the rest of the year up to early next year there) we decided to meet once more. It was like a send-off as well. Thursday night was spent over a heavy dinner, followed by coffee and a cake. 

Of course, we talked some more and this time focusing on our plans for the coming months. 

Belle’s Send-Off Party

Belle is one of my sister-in-Christ at Victory Makati. I met her two years ago and she has touched my life soooo soooo much ever since. 

After so many thoughts and prayers, she finally decided to go back to her province, Bacolod, for good. We planned for a send-off party at one of the coffee shops near her place. 

It wasn’t easy to gather nowadays due to the COVID-19 situation. But, thankfully everything went well.  We enjoyed the night of life updates as most of us haven’t seen each other since the March 16 ECQ declaration. We also prayed for Belle and her safety. 

Belle is actually a blogger too! You can read her posts at

Say hi to Belle! You should definitely read her blog at


Personal Growth Milestones

For the month September I put Morning Pages, Daily Devotion, Reading and Exercise as main personal goals I wanted to complete. 

And I am very happy to report that I aced my goal for each. 

I went back to journaling and have been consistently doing my Morning Pages for the month of September. It literally changed the way I spend the rest of my day and even how I approach the new day itself. 

My Daily Devotionals have been on point and super grateful for starting the day with God. 

I also finished reading a new book which has been book 12 out of 20 for the year 2020. I am two books late if I still want to accomplish my reading challenge for the year. However, I will be taking a long leave in November which I’ll probably spend mostly reading at home. 

Lastly for the month of October, I only did 9 workouts with a total time of 2 hours and 9 minutes. Compared to last month, I really lack time this month to do my workouts. I usually work out at night before dinner. However, because I have to come to work every other week I missed working out during days when I am working at site. 

I definitely need to plan my workouts for November adjusting to this new set up.   

Long Weekend at Viera Residences

It seems like I’ve been co-living with my eldest every single month. Haha. But it’s just that for October I needed to get receipts from her place which I’ll use for reimbursement purposes at work. Living with my sister is like a vacation for me so whenever I can, I don’t miss the opportunity. Last month, I stayed for her for two full weeks while the month before I spent around five days at her place. 

Something exciting my eldest sister and I did together is we decorated her Christmas Tree. THAT WAS AN AMAZING BONDING WE HAD!

Blog Update

Same as last month,  I haven’t been blogging that much for the month of October. I just had three posts this month which is way below of what I used to do. 

As always, I’m looking forward to a new month and a new opportunity to be productive. 

Here are the posts I made in October 2020:


October 2020 Favorites

Beauty - For September 2020, my skin has really been into The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum. I really thought this product would never work for me but finally after about a month or so of using it, my skin finally loves it. This has been the last product I put in my skin at night time and then during the day I follow it with the Celeteque Moisturizer. I’m really happy with the difference it has brought in my skin. I will keep using this product until I empty it. 


Movie or Show - I finished Modern Family in October 2020 although the 11th season has yet to be released. I also watched Street Food Asia, a series with over nine episodes which features the different famous street foods of each Asian country. I really enjoyed each and every episode as it feels like you are also traveling to the place by merely watching it. Episode 9 is about the Philippines so it’s definitely a must-watch.


I haven’t been watching K-Drama for the month of October but I might return this November as I wanted to rewatch Scarlet Heart Ryeo and just recently found out it’s on Viu. I also saw Thieves on Netflix which I plan to watch as well. 


Song - I don’t think I have a song of the month for October as well as I haven’t been that into songs lately. 

Looking Forward Next Month

November is my birth month so it will surely be a memorable month. 

I’ve been working for a product launch for which will happen by mid of November. As this is the last quarter of the year already I wanted to make every single day count. I still have soooo many things to do. I want to finish the year strong with what I can control.

I have high hopes for the month that’s about to come. 

I hope you are staying safe with your loved ones.

Thank you for reading.

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