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November 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m sharing with you my November 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. 

If you want to see how I set up my bullet journal for 2020, click here

Since 2018, I’ve kept my bullet journal set minimalist. I started keeping my bujo as functional as possible, keeping only the basics layout. Which in turn leveled up my productivity. Hooray!

I thought for 2020, I will start publishing my monthly bullet journal layout again. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my bujo set ups.


November 2020 Monthly Calendar

This month, I thought of using boxes again as my monthly calendar.  I felt like November would be a pretty big month for me and needed a bigger space to write down events and deadlines. 

Here are the things that I write down in my Monthly Page:

  • Work Meetings and Event

  • Work Project Deadlines

  • Personal Meetings and Event

  • Personal Project Deadlines

  • Payday Reminders

  • Schedule of when I am working at site

I also use color-coding - Purple for personal events, Red for work and Black for general notes. 

I’m pretty happy with this set up as I can really see on a calendar view my availability.  

November 2020 Goals, Tasks, and Projects 

For November I went back to a separate page for my Monthly Goals, Tasks, and Projects same as how I used to set up my goals, tasks, and projects. I separate the page into two, Personal and Work. Then, just dump all of the goals, projects and tasks I have, pouring them all out as it helps me become more productive. 


November 2020 Content Calendar

This content calendar is just EVERYTHING! I am really enjoying using this page for both my blog posts and social media posts. 

November 2020 Habit Tracker

For my Habit Tracker for the month I used the same layout as I did last March 2020

The upper tracker is for productivity and mood while the lower tracker is for my everyday habits. 

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to sticking with my habits but I still keep this Habit Tracker as a reminder to fight and stay on track.

November 2020 Weekly and Daily Pages

Still using this newfound Weekly and Daily Pages set up I had since August 2020 which I felt really helpful in terms of defining tasks and goals per biggest areas of my life. The top box dashboards provide me just enough space to put down the biggest to-do of the week. The area below is wide enough for my daily pages. 


Things to Organize List

A Collection Page I did this November 2020 is a Things to Organize List. One of my main goals for 2020 is to finally organize my digital files. I made a massive list of the things I would want to organize. 

Pages from my October 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up

Last month I failed to publish my October 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. And so allow me to share two additional pages I did - Q4 Goals and Action Plans and the Ideal Schedule Page.

Q4 Goals and Action Plans

For the Quarter 4 Goals and Action Plans I simply cut and paste a page from a previous planner that I don’t use anymore. I knew I wanted this set up in terms of goal setting because I have spaces for both main goals and action plans. 

The first column are the areas of my life - Spiritual, Work, Blog/Business, Mental, Personal, Relationships, and Financial. With the empty spaces I wrote down the bigger picture of how I want the last quarter of the year to go by. 

Columns 2 to 4 represent the months of October, November and December. I broke down the bigger goals I set from the first column to the smaller actions I should do. 

For example, under Mental I wrote down Read and Finish 20 books. So far I only need to finish 8 books to complete the goal. What I did is write the names of the book I will be reading for month after month. So I will be reading two books in October, three in November and the last three in December.  

 Ideal Schedule

As it is the last quarter of the year, I feel like it’s the last chance to get ahead on my blog work. I know I need to restore peace in terms of my work and life balance and keeping a detailed schedule has been a big help for me before. 


That’s it for my bullet journal set up.


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  1. Very nice! I just started my own bullet journal this year and you gave me lots of ideas on what else I can include. Nice blog :)