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March 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m sharing my March 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up.

If you want to see my 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up, click here. Should you need more bullet journal inspirations, follow me on Instagram.

March 2021 Calendar

As usual I’ll start with the Monthly Calendar. I’ve been using the same calendar set up since January 2021 began. I like this calendar as it provides space to write down all the deadlines, key events and notes that happen for the month. I also like that I can do future planning on this kind of calendar. 

What I like to do is also use the March 2021 Monthly Calendar as a project timeline. My biggest project for the month of March is the second paid product I will release over 

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March 2021 Goals, Projects and To Dos

This is a must spread for me as it acts as a big brain dump of what I want to accomplish as a new month begins. I just dump every goal, project, and to do I have in this spread. 

March 2021 Content Calendar

This page has been my savior in terms of planning what my content will be. As someone who manages two blogs full-time it’s just necessary to have something that I can depend on. I super love this spread. 

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March 2021 Weekly Spread

The current weekly spread is still on. This is something I’ve been using since January 2021. I did change the rows for March 2021 to include a Master List and Releases for the Week. I also added a mini habit tracker in the weekly page since it’s 

In this current weekly set up I can have the overview of the full week at once. I can easily plot out deadlines and events happening towards the end of the week even if the week has just begun. 

I also defined the last row of the Weekly Spread since for the longest time I don't have a specific matters I write for each of the column. For now I set it up as:

This Week’s Notes - An overview of the past week

Goals review - A quick review of my wins for the week, incomplete tasks, hindrances, and fix

Braindump - A space to write down anything

Mini Habit Tracker - A space to track my personal habits

Things I’m Grateful For - A space for gratitude for each day

Next Week - A quick note for deadlines next week


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