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Goodbye February, Hello March 2021

It's time to recap what happened for the month of February 2021 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

Sadly, February became a continuation of a slow and lazy month for me. I wasn’t performing at my best especially in the area of blogging. And same as last January, I also had a week where I felt sick and I just wanted to sleep in. 

But unlike January, I felt like I had some wins still for the month and I can’t wait to share them with you. 


Date with Za

The month of February started with a rare date with Za, part of my Victory Group. We went for a coffee date after work and did a quick catch up since the last time we did talk was a month prior. Super miss doing this type of random date with colleagues and friends. 

Valentine’s Day with the Family

Another highlight last month was how we celebrated Valentine’s Day. It started with a bouquet of flowers I bought for my Mama. It was a surprise gift for her and she didn’t expect that she’ll receive one. 

Then we went to BGC to have dinner. My eldest sister also spent Valentine's with us. She actually treated my Papa at the Jordan store and we were able to go to the rooftop basketball court and took a photo. Actually my sister and Papa were able to play pa nga. Nakakatuwa.

After that we were able to witness a fireworks display while having our meal. 

Zoom Date with Nica

I also spent an evening chatting with Nica. It was our first time to talk since we had our send-off dinner. It’s always a good time whenever me and Nica talk. It’s such a 


COVID-19 Swab Test

One of the unforgettable events for me last February was the COVID-19 antigen swab test experience I did. I had to undergo an antigen swab test because I had to man the commercial shoot at work. 

I was super afraid of the test and watched a number of videos just to familiarize myself on what will happen. During the day of the test, I really felt the tension not for the result but more of the procedure. Thankfully, the doctor who did the swab test for me was super great. She made the procedure easier for me. It was quick and painless. 

I realized that no video can prepare you for the swab test. We will all have a different reaction to it. 

Grateful that the result was negative.

Back to exercise

If there’s any win I’m grateful for I did for the month of February, it’s exercise. My last exercise was November last year. I did a total of 13 workouts for the month of February with an average of 17 minutes per exercise. Super happy with this. 

February 2021 Favorites


Beauty - I’ve been really loving my current skincare routine. I feel like each of the products I’m using at the moment works for me. 


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Movie or Show - For February 2021, I’ve been into Attack on Titan Season 4. It feels surreal that this great anime is already ending. I’ve been watching Attack on Titan since 2016 and it's been such a journey coming to its final season.


Song - For the month of February, I discovered The Weeknd specifically the songs Save Your Tears, I Feel It Coming and Blinding Lights. Those were the songs that are on repeat for me. 


Looking Forward Next Month


March 2021 will be an exciting month for us as a family. First of all my elder sister will be giving birth in March. We are excited to finally meet the new addition in the family. Also March is a double birthday celebration of my Kuya and his son. Lastly, is the wedding anniversary of my parents which falls as well in the month of March.


There are so many reasons to celebrate next month!


That’s it for February 2021.


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