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How To Start a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog in the Philippines

Are you interested in starting a beauty and lifestyle blog in the Philippines?

Do you have a passion about makeup, skincare and sharing your life and interests with a blog? Have you ever wondered how to make money with a blog this 2021?

A Beauty and Lifestyle blog is one of the most popular type of blog you can start in the Philippines.

Starting a beauty and lifestyle blog is very easy and inexpensive. I created my first blog in 2013 without any prior knowledge or experience. I simply blog as a hobby, something I can do on my spare time.

It took me three long years to realize that a blog is more than just a hobby.

Blogging can change your life for the better.

It is a powerful portal that can make you meet a lot of people, be invited in events, get free gifts from brands and most of all earn passive income. This post is dedicated to everyone who have considered doing a beauty a lifestyle blog in the Philippines but have zero to no idea how to start. Hope you like this post and share any valuable lessons to others as well.

What is a Blog, Anyway?

A BLOG is an online-based journal. It is designed to be a log of thoughts, ideas, pictures or notes published for the web. Thus, your content will be seen and read by the public. Imagine it as getting your own space on the internet world.

A person who blogs is then referred to as a BLOGGER while the act of doing a a blog is called BLOGGING. A blog comes in different format. There's a regular blog like what I'll be talking to you about. There's also a video blog like My YouTube Channel and an audio blog like a podcast.

How To Start a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog in the Philippines

These are the seven easy steps you need to do to start a Pinay beauty and lifestyle blog:

  1. Decide whether you are really into beauty and lifestyle niche
  2. Name your blog
  3. Set Up Your Blog
  4. Brainstorm Your Blog Topics
  5. Add Image
  6. Publish Your First Post
  7. Share Your Post on Social Media

Step 1. Decide whether you are really into beauty and lifestyle niche

Beauty and Lifestyle is such a saturated niche nowadays.

There are about 300++ blogs under this category on and each one is amazing in its own right. To succeed in this niche you need to be sincerely passionate.

You can never achieve your own blogging voice if you are only doing it for the fame, the freebies, the free invites and on. It should come from the heart.

Step 2. Name Your Blog

Your blog name will be your identity in the world of blogging.

Choose a name that connects to the type of blog you portray. Something unique, memorable and easy to say will be the best blog name ever.

Try to play with words associated with beauty and lifestyle and put either your name within it. One beauty and lifestyle blog I adore with the best name ever has been The Anna Edit. For me that blog name is eye-catchy and unforgettable at the same time. Locally, "TriciaGoesPlaces" is another blog name that gives life to what the content is about. If you want to stay on the safe side you can name your blog just with your name as I did,

Step 3. Set Up Your Blog

This step is pretty much the technical side of starting a beauty and lifestyle blog.

If you really have zero knowledge on how to set up a blog you can ask an expert to do it for you.

The first step in setting up your blog is choosing your platform.  There are two popular platforms (as we call it) in blogging namely Blogger and Wordpress.

Blogger is a product of Google and a very simple, easy to use option while WordPress may seem complex and offers variety of personalization.

I actually use both so this blog is on Blogger and my other blog, SavingsPinay is on WordPress. Once you selected your Blogging Platform you need to create an account. You sign-in with your username and password and will be redirected to the platform where you can start your very first post.  

I also highly recommend that you can get your own domain and hosting! I skipped this important step in the first three years that I’ve been blogging and I know I missed a ton of opportunities because of it.

Having your own domain name and hosting is a must if you are taking your blog seriously. Instead of, you can easily be known as! A shorter, better and easier name to remember!

Step 4. Brainstorm Your Blog Topics

The heart and soul of your blog is your contents. Without any articles to publish your blog is useless. So how do you brainstorm for your blog topics?

First, generate the topics you really want to blog about. For me, here are the main topics I talk about in this blog:

  • Beauty
  • Blogging
  • Books
  • Bullet Journal
  • Personal Growth

Once you have your main blogging topic ideas you need to include sub-topics under each category. Beauty can be narrowed down to Makeup and Skincare. This way you can blog about makeups and also skincare items.

Supporting topics under Makeup and Skincare will be product review, haul, empties, best of the best and/or tutorial. Now you have posts like a Makeup/Skincare Item Product Review, a Makeup/Skincare Haul, a Makeup/Skincare Empties, a List of Your Favorite Makeup/Skincare and/or a Makeup Tutorial or Updated Skincare Routine.

The thing is it gets easier once you have selected your main topics. Also there are a lot of blog posts about blog topic ideas in every niche you can search about.

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Step 5. Add Image

Photos are important in a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog.

Yes, content is king but without an image to show, your blog post will be boring. I had a hard time creating quality photos for my beauty and lifestyle blog before and it took me four years to really try to get serious in my blog photography.

If you are serious blogging you can buy quality camera (Canon EOS M3) but if you are going frugal a smart phone will do the trick as long as you have natural lighting and good editing skills.

Blogging, in general is more than just ordinary hobby. I know bloggers who turned their site into an income generating machine. They gained popularity, get privileges to try out products and services for free and  make money out of their blog.

But success in blogging is a combination of hard work and patience. It doesn’t work overnight. I personally devote 1-2 hours a day on weekdays for my writing and doing admin tasks for my blogs. My weekends are also meant for taking photos, editing, commenting on other blogs and others.

Step 6. Publish Your First Post

Writing your first post shouldn’t be a daunting task. You can either introduce yourself to your readers or create a simple post about what your skincare routine. Keep your content valuable to the public so you can gain readership fast. Once your blog starts growing in posts you can start interlinking related posts to gain more traffic. THIS LINK was my first post here in IzzaGlino.

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Step 7. Share Your Post on Social Media

Establishing your social media presence is also important as beauty and lifestyle blogger. The easiest way to gather an audience is through Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is post a photo and a link to your blog. It will be very helpful if you engage to people more and ask them what content they want to see in your blog. Your first readers will as always be the people close to you so spread the love and let them know you more through your posts. Like IzzaGlinoFull Facebook Page or Follow Me on Instagram.

Blogging for Beginners

Now I want to end this post by words of encouragement on why your should blog. Blogging changed my life completely and gave me so much lessons and I can't contain my happiness that I found out about this hobby four years ago.

You'll Learn A Lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT.  

Through blogging I  learned to use different tools that I incorporate in my daily life. I will never discover the beauty of a bullet journal to increase my productivity. I will never learn to set my timer if I want to get things done. I will never learn how each makeup items are used. I continuously seek for new things to learn and new part of myself/ my life to improve because as a blogger, I continually research.

You'll Meet New People.

With my blogs, I was able to attend events and meet other bloggers and personalities. Over the years I was fortunate to attend various meet ups and product launch that led me to network with amazing people.


I also met other influencers when I got invited to StyleHaul Dinner. I met Ms. Say Tioco Artillero!!! I even hosted Bloggers United Year 13 thanks to my blog :)

You'll Earn Some Money.

Though I haven't really earned that much in Blogging I had some sponsorship opportunities before and it does add funds in my Paypal account. Even if it's just $100/year or as much as $100/month that's still money you earn just because your blogging.

You'll Have Your Own Voice.

A blog can set you apart to others. It could be your identity. You can reach a lot of people because of your blog and inspire them and help them learn things. For me that's one of the reason why I got addicted in blogging. Since I was born with "words of affirmation" as my language of love, I get kilig whenever I receive compliments and appreciation on my posts. For me blogging is like having your own channel, your own territory and having your own voice.

Get started blogging with this links:

Blog Platforms

Blog Content Ideas

A List of Tips I Learned From Four Years of Beauty and Lifestyle Blogging

  1. Just be yourself. You are the only person who can define how your blog will be. Let your personality shine in every post you do.
  2. A simple clean template is all that matters. I had complex web template before that filled with ads and honestly they don't look pretty.  I try to make SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino look as simple as possible.
  3. Create Templates for Your Posts. If you have recurring posts such as Product Reviews and Hauls you can create a template so it will be easier. As you notice all my product reviews follow the same format that's why it is easy for me to share my thoughts on any item.
  4. Be consistent in your posting. It doesn't matter whether you blog daily or once a week as long as you stay consistent in it.  
  5. Use Tools and Equipments to make your blogging life easier. There are a ton of free tools, apps and other materials that can help build a better beauty and lifestyle blog. All you have to do is search.
  6. Read other blogs to familiarize yourself with their approach. It's also nice to network with fellow bloggers and leave helpful comment along the way.
  7. Write down your ideas. Keep a little notebook to jot down posts ideas or tasks to do. This is the first step to an organized blogging journey. You will less get stressed if you follow a good organizational skills into everything.


Blogging is a very addicting hobby. It is fun and exciting. It gives a new purpose to live as a matter of fact. If your interest goes along makeup, skincare, fashion, travel and life in general why not start a beauty and lifestyle blog, right?

4 years ago I started a beauty and lifestyle blog, Blogging in a niche that's already saturated is hard. How do I stand out? I lack the resources to blog, to take good photos and to buy the makeup and outfits others are blogging and wearing. Little did I realize that just like any investment, TIME is my ally. Today the blog is part of the Top 30 on under beauty and lifestyle. Seeing my blog along with other big names in the blogsphere is something I will never get used to. What's my point in sharing this? Today is #June12 #IndependenceDay and I want you to #maketodaycount Start now. Start that one passion you have. It may seem impossible, it may seem there's no point in trying and it may seem like no one is reading/appreciating you. But TIME will prove you otherwise. #IzzAllAboutPassionandHustle 🤗😚😊
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Are you a blogger too? If you own a beauty and lifestyle blog feel free to use the comment section and leave a link to your site. I'd love to get to know more people from the blog community.

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