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Beauty Resolutions I’m Going to Try

Today let’s talk about beauty resolutions. 

I must admit that I haven’t been that great in terms of taking care of my skin. I try but time and time again I fail in keeping the routine. You can read this post, this post, and this post for ideas. 

But it’s been five years and I am in a totally different season in my life. I am working from home at the graveyard shift which calls for a different lifestyle altogether. 

So I am trying this again and sharing it with you as accountability. 

Are beauty resolutions important?

You may have read and seen videos online of people sharing their beauty resolutions but what is it anyway and why do people consider them at the beginning of the year?

Beauty resolutions are a set of regimen you try to do consistently in order to unleash your inner beauty. It’s not just about makeup and skincare but can involve your overall health and wellness as well. 

I’ve narrowed down the 2023 beauty resolutions I’m going to try as follows:

  1. Focus on skincare

  2. Drink supplement

  3. Downsize my makeup and skincare drawer

  4. Upgrade the makeup products I use

  5. Take care of my body as well 

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Focus on skincare

I’ve never had a problem before dealing with acne no matter what skincare products I use. But since 2019, I have suffered from adult acne. Twice I went to a virtual consultation with a licensed dermatologist, got both topical and oral medication, and I did clear my skin. 

However, when I stop the oral medication they come back. I can’t just rely on oral meds as they are antibiotics so I need to, once and for all, address the problem and get a long-term solution.

Here are my plans:

  • Visit a licensed dermatologist’s clinic. I’m done with virtual consultation and now I want to really pay a visit to the clinic and have current skin checked. 

  • Follow a skincare routine. After my trip to South Korea last January I bought some K Beauty skincare items that I’ve been trying my hardest to religiously use. I’ll share about the K beauty skincare products I bought in Korea soon.

  • Use eye cream. I have bad and dark under eye circles long before I transitioned to a night shift. I tried a lot of eye cream but they always pass their expiry date because I can’t keep finishing one. I either forget about them or don’t see any results. I bought something in Korea that I’ll be trying to incorporate in my routine and I do hope it helps lighten and hydrate my under eyes. 

Drink supplement

Before the pandemic began I went to Healthy Options to shop for vitamins that can help with my immunity and beauty. 

I bought a bottle of Vitamin A & D, Vitamin C plus Rose Hips, and Collagen Complete. I love them so much but when I ran out of the vitamins I wasn’t able to repurchase them for some reason. That is completely my fault by the way. 

For 2023, I want to go back to drinking supplements and will buy the same vitamins again. I also want to add glutathione. I think it’s time I experience the effect of glutathione. I’m looking at Aishi Tokyo by the way to start my quest on glutathione na mahihiyang ako

Do you have any glutathione recommendations?

Downsize my makeup and skincare drawer

Now I don’t have a big collection of makeup and skincare items but I do have products that still sit on my shelf I don’t really use. I have a number of lipsticks, palettes, lipsticks, and more that are just sitting there getting dusty. 

I want to prioritize a day where I could just go through my makeup and skincare drawer and take out those I can give to someone and those I should definitely throw away. 

Upgrade the makeup products I use

When I mentioned I’m capsule processing my beauty drawers this 2023, you might not see this beauty resolution coming. However, I’m really up to investing in some makeups that are already tried and tested through the years even though they cost much. 

One of the products I’m looking forward to buying is the NARS Soft Matte Concealer. 

Take care of my body as well

Last but not the least in my beauty resolutions list is to forget to take care of my body. I want to ensure I use a body wash, put lotion daily, and I exfoliate my body every now and then. It is my hope that doing this routine will help me look and feel better. 

So to recap here are the 2023 beauty resolutions I’m trying out: 

  1. I will focus on skincare by visiting a licensed dermatologist, following a skincare routine, and using an eye cream.

  2. I will drink supplements again such as Vitamin A & D, Vitamin C plus Rose Hips, and Collagen Complete. I will also try to take glutathione this year. 

  3. I will try to downsize my makeup and skincare drawer. Keep only the items I love and what works for me. 

  4. I will up my makeup game and invest in products that are known to work. 

  5. I will take care of my body by using a body wash, putting lotion, and exfoliating. 

Sticking to beauty resolutions can be life changing. I remember at least a week or two of me following routine and being happy at the end of the day. It’s like quality self-care and loving yourself. 

That’s it for me.

How about you? What beauty resolutions are you trying this year?

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