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The Daily, Weekly, Monthly Routine I Try To Follow

I love routines as much as I love making lists.

I take skincare more seriously now that I wear less makeup than usual. I believe that good skin is everything and if you want to be beautiful and glowing, a good skincare routine is the answer.

Throughout the life of this blog I’ve shared countless routines to you all. And today is something more detailed.  

Here are things I try to do daily, weekly and monthly as part of my beauty regimen.  


Daily Routine

Morning Skincare. My skincare routine in the morning is pretty simple. I don’t have that much time in the morning so I try to go with a simple skincare routine instead.

Here’s how my current morning skincare goes:
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize

I also used to wear sun screen before going to work but since I run out of the product I use I skip this step now.

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Hair and Body. I’m not as strict when it comes to the products I use in my hair and body. I’ve always loved Palmolive as my shampoo. Every other day I use a hair mask. The one I highly recommend is the Daily Hair Treatment from Human Heart Nature which comes in a tub. Whenever I use it my hair becomes so smooth after washing.

For the body I currently use Seoul White Soap which my elder sister recommended. I actually really like smell of this soap and might continue using it.

Other effective whitening soap I’ve tried tested are Lumine Turmeric Soap with Lemon, Belo Intensive White Soap and CY Gabriel in Special Pink.

Of course I see to it that I put lotion on my body to really seal the moisture in.

Daily supplement. Currently I take Vitamin C as my daily supplement. I use GNC Vitamin C which costs Php 300 for 60 capsules already. Although I didn’t notice any significant benefit of taking vitamin C in the texture of my skin, I think it is still a staple daily supplement everyone should include in their daily routine. Now that I’m taking vitamins in the morning I have so much energy at work.

Hydrate. This beauty regimen does not cause anything and the effect is definitely not just beauty in the outside but also in the inside. I have a bottle at work which I promise to finish at least 3-4 rounds during the work day.

Evening Skincare Routine. I will be honest to admit that I am not as consistent with my skincare routine in the evening compared to my morning. Although I have the liberty of time to do the routine, I will mostly arrive home tired and sleepy and the only activity I feel encouraged to accomplish is studying the bible.

Here’s how my current evening skincare goes:
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Serum/Essence
  • Moisturize/Sleeping Mask


Weekly Routine

Brows. I used to go to salon to have my brows threaded but to save both time and money I now manage my brows alone. When I feel like my brows are too bushy already I immediately shave the unwanted areas.

Exfoliate. I love exfoliating all over my body! I mostly do this every other day if I don’t feel tired or at least twice a week.

I do the 5 Step Pamper Routine for the face wherein I exfoliate with Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub followed by a clay mask, Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty.  

For body, I use Abonne Salt Scrub which is something I use for years already.


Monthly Routine

Manicure and Pedicure. I think this is a staple beauty routine for every girl. We have a neighbour who do at home service for this. If I have extra money or will be going to an even I go to a nail salon for this instead.

Review my stash. I try to go over my vanity and see which skincare product I am already running out. I also use this to check expiration dates, declutter and clean.

That’s it for my Daily, Weekly and Monthly Beauty Routine.

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  1. Hi! why not try a more natural way of skincare routine? Just for a change.