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My Beauty, Skincare and Body Resolutions

When it comes to my beauty, skincare and body... I am a huge procrastinator. 

I am guilty of sleeping with my makeup on. I am guilty of sleeping as late as 3am on a daily basis living me with only two complete hours of sleep before another work day begins. I also have a habit of drinking too much caffeine without replenishing my body with water. And so much more.

If there will be a punishment for the above crimes then I am willing to pay the price.

As a sign of new beginning, I like to lay down my beauty, skincare and body resolutions. Just like how my Balik Alindog Program goes I want to update too about this one probably at the end of the month. I will also track these resolutions on my bullet journal so that I won't miss any of the items I mentioned here.

I, Clariza Montes Glino do solemnly promise to be better when it comes to my beauty, skincare and body.

Beauty Resolutions

1. I will now cleanse, tone and moisturize day and night. These classic trio when it comes to keeping the best face forward is something that I want to become a habit.

2. As an add-on to my three step face care, I will exfoliate every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

3. I will use a face mask every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

4. I will use an eye cream for my undereye circles.

5. I will use a face sunscreen on a daily basis.

6. I will remove my makeup before going to sleep.

7. I will refrain from buying additional makeup especially when I still have enough to last me for the next month.


1. I will have a solid body skincare routine day and night.

2. I will use a lotion twice a day.

3. I will add body oil for added moisture at night.

4. I will do a body scrub thrice a week.

5. I will keep on finding whitening the products that could help even out my skin tone.
Body Resolutions

1. Since I can't let go of my excessive caffeine I will just swear for a resolution on drinking 7 to 8 tall glasses of water on a daily basis.

2. Pop on some vitamins. Essential for me will be to go back with my Conzace and Vitamin C combo.

3. Fulfill my Balik Alindog Program.

4. Sleep on a regular time daily and wake up earlier than usual.

Whew. I am looking forward to the above changes and I hope that it will deeply change my overall system. I know that I might encounter hardships along the way but I am positive that just as long as I focus on my goals and resolution I will reap the good result.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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