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Cleaning, Sorting and Decluttering my Makeup Collection

Last Sunday I decided to be a little productive and did clean and sort my makeups. It has been a month since I last touch my vanity area and I almost forgot the makeup items that I just bought recently and those that are already expired or should be part of soon to be product empties post.

While cleaning and sorting I realized how much makeup I have ever since I started this blog. During my college days I promised myself that once I had a decent paying job after graduation I will pursue my love of makeup and I will grow my makeup collection. Its humbling that little by little that promise has been fulfilled. No, my makeup collection is below average compared to ther makeup/beauty gurus, but I am very proud to say that ALL (exactly all) has been bought by my own money. This fact makes it more valuable than ever.

I still am not ready to create a makeup collection video or blog post but today I’ll be sharing an overview. They are not in their proper place though but upon cleaning I just sorted them per makeup type. Concealers are in one container, foundations and bb creams are in another and so on and so forth.

My Powder Foundations

My Single and Palette Eyeshadows

My Concealers and Makeup Primers

My Blush and Bronzer

All of my Mascara, Brow Liner, Eyeliner and other stuff

My BB Creams and Foundation

Lip balms, lip liners and lip glosses

All of my current lipsticks

Products that I am currently trying

 This is how my vanity looks now:

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