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Product Review: Essence Eyeliner Extra Long Lasting

Eyeliners are very well used nowadays specially when the K-pop innovation happened. I have been a fan of eyeliners specially gel liners ever since I did makeup of others during events. Having the right black eyeliner will surely create fantastic eye makeup.

Essence Eyeliner Extra Long Lasting is one item I bought upon visitation in SM Department store. I was sold out by the tester and it has been a long time since I got myself an eyeliner pen. The last one I got I believe was from San San.

Anyhow the product is very compact and easy to bring which I find lovely. It looks like carrying just a regular pen and creating fine line is very easy breezy. 

The product claims for a precise line, color intensive and extra long lasting. You can buy this for 189pesos only. If you read my product hype before on another Essence product called Essence Lash Mania  you'll know how impressed am I to the quality of their makeup line. 

What I Love?

  • Precise line!
  • Lasts longer than expected
  • Dries fast
  • Doesn't smudge easily even if the weather is hot
  • The price is reasonable for a long lasting eye liner

What I Don't Love

  • Not as intense black as it should have been
  • You will only get 1ml total product as seen in the packaging

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