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My Top 5 Favorite Blogs! (Kryz Uy, ZenHabits etc.)

My Favorite Blogs!!!
I love reading blogs! I have my Feedly app installed in my Ipad so it is easier for me to read. Reading blogs has been my medication,I should have a daily dose for me to function. Since I am a multi blogger with IzzaGlino and SavingsPinay I do have favorite blogs from my niche. Today I thought of sharing to you my Top 5 favorite blogs from Beauty, Finance and Life! I highly recommend that you follow them for they are greatest bloggers that will really help you out if you are looking for a new blog to explore.

Here they are!!!

  • KryzUy- I love Kryz Uy for  her blogs is very straight forward and very user friendly. I love how she'll have notes in the beginning and large pictures of her style. She adds content everyday which I find very amazing despite her busy schedule. She strive to be very known in the blogging industry. I love when she shares about her organizations on jewelries and even her Youtube videos about makeup and everything.

  • ZenHabits- If you love learning different things in a minimalistic blog that gives great content you'll really admire then Zenhabits is the blog for you. It focuses on life, productivity, finances and even short glimpse of his life as a father. I love reading his blog though he update rarely almost once a week only.

  • Call me Kristine- I really do admire Ms. Kristine's blog. Her topic ranges from her beauty finds, eating out, outfits, travels and even finances! Her blog has its ipunique flavor that you will keep coming back. I love how she manages everything and when she shares her scribble notes (she's a christian blogger btw!) I can feel so much of her sincerity.

  • Pinas for Good- Her blog is so inspiring! I remember reading how she was able to buy a house and lot at a young age. Her hardwork and dedication can be felt in evry words of her unique blog. I also love her honesty and how she keep hr readers well informed in the current situations.

  • The Queen of Beauty Vlogging!!! I love her so much and admire how she become a woman empire because of her passion in inspiring others. She deserve all the blessings in her life including her billion views in Youtube channel, her own makeup line, EM Cosmetics and her book. She also has a lovely love life which her even more amazing. Reading her blog is very informative and I love when she.

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