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Enchanted Makeup Haul, Swatch and First Impression

I love discovering new makeup brands! I am proud to say that my makeup collection got really huge because of these new makeup brands that I just pass by the mall. Recently I got a haul, swatch and first impression for Catrice Cosmetics and I am happy on the response specially with the video because a lot had been asking about their makeup.

For today's post I will be having a haul, swatch and first impression of Enchanted makeup. It was on a set of Wish Nail Polish that I first saw an Enchanted makeup and back then this set of nail polish costs almost 120pesos so I didn't bought. Fortunately I spot a Sale on Department store to which I blogged here  wherein the price is for 50% off and still there are free Enchanted makeups :)

I actually created the video version here and I did talk much about the products that I picked up and there are also swatches. Please watch here:

Here are some pictures!!! Just a warning this post is photo overload! :)

enchanted cosnetics review
I bought 3 sets of Wish Nail Polish so I got one makeup item from each set.

I got the After Midnight Smokey Eyes, True Love's Kiss Lipstick and Mermaid's Coral Peach Cheek Blush

enchanted review
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Mermaid's Coral is the blush line of Enchanted Makeup. The shade that I got is in Peach and if you watch the video you can see the swatch of the product and my initial review. :)

Enchanted Cosmetics
Very sheer yet buildable color. I love the huge mirror!!!

The After Midnight Smokey Eye Palette comes with the free instruction at the back. I believe so there is a neutral palette and I hope I can buy that too.

          After Midnight is a perfect evening makeup look with metallic teal, silver and black eyeshadows. \
 I am so much in love with the intensity of these colors as seen on my swatch in the video.

I am so glad that I got a lipstick from their line though the shade that I got is Ruby Red which is my least favorite shade. My sister also bought one and she got a nude shade.

For the swatch please make sure to watch the video linked above!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post!

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