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B.T. LA CC Cream Product Review

For 2013 until early 2014 I have been obsessed with BB Creams thus I even came with a collection some of launched Philippine BB Creams in the market. But behold it's no longer BB creams anymore. There goes the CC cream! Here is an introductory post for the series of CC Creams that I will be reviewing for you guys featuring the latest CC creams out now in the market.

But let's start first with some trivias!!!
    Lazada Philippines
  • CC creams stands for Color Correcting creams while BB creams are best knows as Blemish Balm
  • BB Creams are meant to be tinted moisturizers or foundation but has added skin benefits like SPF and antioxidants.
  • CC Creams on the other hand focuses on color correction like redness around the face area. 
  • CC Creams are also meant to be lighter in skin than BB creams when worn. It even feels like you don't have anything on.
  • CC Creams also appears much lighter compared to BB creams because it uses light diffusing particles to do its magic on your face.

Introducing B.T. LA C.C. Cream

When I saw this on B.T. LA kiosks I knew I have to get it right away. It was my first time seeing a CC Cream out in the local market. And as you know I've got a good experience with the B.T. LA Makeup Primer so I a m confident enough this time.

For 50ml size of product the price is 309.25pesos. It is also worth mentioning that the CC Cream line of B.T. LA is divided into two: Lightening and Anti-Aging. What I bought is Lightening because the Anti-Aging seems too greyish.

What the Product Claims
  • Illuminates skin giving out a brightened and youthful skin
  • Not tested on animals

First Impressions upon Application

Since it is in the usual squeeze tube it may be hard to control how much product will be used. A pea size amount is ideal if and then you are new to CC Creams. As expected, the cc cream appears really lighter than most BB creams I own. For this brand alone, the smell can be annoying since its strong. It is easier to blend too and it absorbs easily on the skin. I was also amazed how light it feels and how upon application my skin looks lighter than before.

For much better review I will be filming a demo video in my Youtube channel :) Hope you can watch out!

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