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Amazing Find: Kyusoku Bihaku Korean Magic Towel Exfoliating Scrub

Hi loves!

I know a lot enjoyed my last Amazing Find post for views are really high so thank you for visiting my blog again and again. Today's Amazing Find is something that I really wanted to share to you guys but since I found no time to blog I keep on delaying it. So on my Recent Purchase Haul I knew that it is the right time to review the product.


For those who love exfoliation, just like me, the KB Korean Magic Towel might be the ind of loofa or bath towel that you are looking for. It is from the makers of KB Whitening Line famous for Kyusoku Bihaku capsules. The KB Korean Magic Towel comes as  a beauty implement that aids in achieving a glowing skin.

(From the packaging)

KB Korean Magic Towel is a Korean-made product widely used for skin exfoliation while bathing. It serves as a scrubber to eliminate dead skin cells and toxins and acts as a massager to stimulate blood circulation leaving the skin glowing with a fresh clean feeling. 

(From the packaging)

1. Wet body with warm water, to open skin pores.
2. Wet and soak KB Korean Magic Towel before use.
3. Use KB Gold Premium to create lather and gently scrub all over the body in circular motion to remove deep-seated dirt, dead skin and other skin debris. You will notice that dead skin cells and dirt start to fall off while scrubbing your body.
4. Rinse thoroughly preferably using cold water to tighten pores.
5. For best whitening results, follow it up with KP Premium Whitening Lotion.

(How I Use it)

I do wet my body with warm water since the weather at the moment is really cold. Right after the war, water I soak the KB Korean Magic Towel and use the Belo Intensive Whitening Soap. 
Afterwards I rinse thoroughly with cold water still to tighten pores and instead of using the KB Premium Whitening Lotion, I use the Bench Suprawhite Intensive Whitening Lotion instead.


(From the packaging)
  • Handy and pocket-size
  • Instant body scrubber, easy to use
  • Absorbs wet quickly
  • Effectively cleanse the body removing dead skin cells with fast-acting result
  • Recommended for all skin-types.

The product may look like the usual scrub but I notice that there are little powder in it. It was actually nice that they made bigger because the first time I bought it  was too little for me to use. This product is not that painful to use and gives a really fresh feeling afterwards. I love using this on parts such as my elbows and my knees. 

This may last to use like a good 3 months but I prefer repurchasing the product every month just because I love feeling of the new one on my skin. 

The KB Korean Magic Towel retails for 99pesos and available in all Watsons and Department Stores nationwide.

Hope you love this blog post. Do you have any request for me to feature? Perhaps a review?! Just comment below.  

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