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TIPS: How To Start a Blog Part 1

If there's one big project that I am so much pumped up to invest my time, my effort and my energy with this 2015 then it will be MY BLOGS.
I love blogging. It is far more than just a platform for me. At least for the years that I've been actively blogging, I realized how big life is. There's new information in every click. There's something worth trying every single day.
It has been a brain dump for me where I write what's on my mind. Yes, there is the earning that comes after you have proven your worth in the blogsphere. But to be honest, I don't even mind the said amount.
I am after touching people… strangers who find my posts helpful. I guess that the biggest change I made that let SavinsgPinay and this blog still alive. THINKING ABOUT YOU.
If you never owned a blog then may this post inspire you to get started blogging. I assure that it will be life changing!
How to Start a Blog Part 1
Step 1. Choose the Platform
When I started blogging the first thing I did was choose a platform. Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress are the biggest name in the ordinary-personal blogging platforms. I opted for Blogger since it is User-Friendly and very easy to use.
All you have to do is choose the platform that you like:
  1. Blogger
  2. Tumblr
  3. Wordpress
And follow the process of signing up.
For each platform you get to have your own account. Also what's nice is that you can create multiple blogs so if you have many interests in life you can create a blog for each.
Step 2. Choose the Blog Name
This part deserves different blog posts to further explain if you haven't decided on what to blog yet then you can just choose your name as a blog name (address). For example this blog is Izza Glino is my name.
Since it is broad enough you can blog on different topics.
If you are thinking of a specific topic then choose a specific blog name that the people can easily understand. Take for example my financial blog,
Step 3. Generate Your Blog Posts
Though blogging can be known as just another hobby, generating contents will be very important too. Think of a main topic and start filtering this to pieces.
Again taken from this blog my main word is myself:
Then I filtered it based on my interests:





Now I further filtered each interests  that completed my first blog posts
Today, I even expanded my list. This for example is a new addition to my blog, TIPS.
Step 4. Start Writing Contents
When you sign up for a blog account you are signing up for a big chunk of your time writing contents.
A good 500-800 Blog Posts is ideal but shorter blogs will do too. Make sure that you are spreading valuable contents to the blogsphere based on the blog ideas you have created. Just release what's on your mind.
Step 5. Design your Blog
Since most people goes high with the visual, make sure that your blog  is good to look at. Choose a template that looks clean and add sidebar widgets that will be beneficial for your blog. You can add Footers too so that you can maximize the whole template. Make sure that the design of your blog agrees to what you want your blog to be.
In PART 2 I will disclose the remaining steps you need to go through in order to successfully create a blog. Make sure read that future post.

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