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On My Pho Hoa Experience

I first heard of Pho Hoa from Ms. Say Artillero. She have these great vlogs where she features Pho Hoa and I can just feel how amazing her experience was.
It was in my 21 and Better List to have 21 (and hopefully more) food trips so when I stumble upon the Pho Hoa branch in SM Megamall I knew I have to have a taste of Vietnam's cuisine.

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Restaurant specialize in naturally flavored and healthy soups. Each of their Vietnamese Boodle Soup is carefully prepared with a variety of meat toppings and other condiments. It is actually dubbed as a conscious choice  to a healthy and well-balanced meal. Aside from boodle soup, Pho Hoa also serves rice meals and common beverages.

For my first dine in experience I opted for a rice meal because I felt like the Noodle Soup is too big for me and also I was really craving for their spring rolls as I heard good reviews about it. I ordered the Grilled Pork and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice which is so awesome for only 290pesos.

What I love about this rice meal is that everything is well-balanced. The rice is very nice, the grilled pork is tender and yummy and the spring rolls with the sauce that they offer is just heart-warming.

The sauce adds a whole new taste for the dish. It is also awesome for decreasing the "sawa" factor since the serving can be too intimidating especially if you are just eating alone.
For the beverage I had Freshly Squeezed Lemonade for 125pesos only.

I love freshly squeezed lemon so this ordered drink is really great. During the Papal visit I enjoyed waking up with a tall glass of cold water with a slice of lemon. I felt like this combo helped me and my voice plus I feel well-hydrated from the inside.
Overall, my first Pho Hoa experience is great and I knew I'll come back. I want to bring my sister with me next time so we can order the noodles. :) Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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