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TIPS: How to Start a Blog Part 2

Last week I gave away the first 5 Steps you need to do in starting your blog. Thank you for supporting the first installment in my new segment, "TIPS".
Before I give the remaining steps I want you to be honest with me. I want to ask you one on one… 

"Do you Really Want to Start A Blog?"
I started my very first blog on college. I believe year 2011 or 2012. It was an impulsive move and I just write want I want to write and never even took time reading my own posts. I got caught in the idea of blogging that I forgot to think whether I really want to do it or not.
I blog for no reason. No goals, no motivation… no anything. About 3 months after launching, my blog died. It self-destructed.
Now answering the question that I raised in important because once you pursue blogging you are embarking on a journey. You will spend time writing blog posts, conceptualizing ideas, researching for images and getting that blog post be shared to others.
Below are something's you need to understand if you really want to start blogging.
  • Blogging is a combination of hard work and patience. I can pretty much say that I devote about 45-50 hours a week for blogging. That's like working for my blogs 7 hours a day…every day. You also have to wait for a long time before returning visits come in and before people start noticing that you have a blog.
  • Blogging is addicting. Once you start blogging you can never stop yourself from the idea of publishing your thoughts on the web.
  • Blogging is like having a baby. You feed it with contents, you nurture it by marketing, you take care of it so that your audience won't let go and you will experience sleepless nights working on each every post you create. I treat my blogs as my children. I try to

Have my fair attention to each every one of them.
Now I'd like to ask once again,… "Do you Really Want to Start A Blog?"
If your answer is YES then let me give you a virtual hug right now and a big CONGRATULATIONS for you are one way closer to a better life!
Blogging changed my whole life for the better and I assure that it will do the same for you!
So now that we are in sync and I've laid some good concrete foundation I will now enumerate the rest of the steps you have to go through in starting your blog.
Step 6. Generate your Marketing Technique.

Content is King and Marketing is your Army. You may have written a good and valuable content but NOT being able to market them is just so sad. You need every social media account that you could possible sign up and start broadcasting the content that you create. Of course there will be tons of topic in the step in the future.
Step 7. Network with people around you. 

Try to be active in the blogging community. Read other blogs, follow other blogs, comment on posts from other blogs and just be known as another reader who owns a blog too.
I had a study on my blog's statistics and found out that a lot of my readers knew about my blog because of the comment that I gave from others' blog. It was eye opening indeed.
Step 8. Practice consistency. 

Set a schedule on how frequent you will post a blog and stick with it. Whether you blog daily, 3 times a week or weekly, that doesn't matter until you become very consistent. Right now I am practicing posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for this blog and I hope not to miss any day anymore.

Step 9. Monetize Your Blog. 
Putting ads in your blog is important because you want to maximize the time and effort you give in blogging. Sure it won't pay that much but it still pays you for something that you do for your leisure time. Also there are success stories out there of people who became financially independent just by blogging.
Step 10. Put yourself in the blog. 

Show your personality  in every post you create. It is important to create a blog that satisfy YOU first  and foremost. I don't blog about Mathematics because I hate numbers and figures. So don't blog of something you are not passionate about.
At the end of the day I can only wish you luck in this blogging journey. It can be a long and tough road but it will be worth it.
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