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On J Co Donuts, Seattle's Best and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Love Triangle

Whenever I feel discouraged, stressed and overwhelmed of what is happening on my life, I always find a moment to go with a "Me Time"
On most occasion it will be watching movie in cinema, strolling on bookstores, dining out and enjoying the commute with a takeout food.
Another habit of mine is spending some alone time on specialty cafe's for I feel like I the ambiance makes me extra productive. I spend about 2-3 hours just updating my to-do list, my editorial calendar and my thoughts.
Three of the best specialty cafes I have ever tried will be J Co Donuts, Seattle's Best and of course Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. They just offer pure indulgence in every cup and I thought of sharing to you guys what I order from the said stores and my quick review too.
J Co Donuts
I was actually very intrigued before as to why the shop will always have long lines but after trying out their donuts I knew the reason why. Their donuts really tastes great.

For J Co Donuts I love ordering their J Co Donuts Cheesy Rich together will their Thai Iced Tea. They also give free Glazed Donut which is super cool.

J Co Donuts Cheesy Rich is all about that soft dough with creamy feeling inside and filled with rich cheese on the outside. It is soft and fluffy and a great snack. Their Glazed Donut of course is a classic peace that one must taste after all. Thai Iced Tea on the other hand tastes like milk tea/bubble tea for me. It is a very refreshing drink and a perfect pair for J Co Donuts Richey Rich since it may be too cheesy.

Seattle's Beat

Seattle's Best is a specialty cafĂ© that I go to whenever I crave for  Hazelnut Coffee. I first tasted their Hazelnut Coffee as a holiday product but since the holiday season is over they are currently offering the Roasted Hazelnut Coffee which for me tastes better (though even the Holiday flavor tastes great too).

I also love their Almond Roca for it is not too sweet and not too strong of a chocolate. It was that kind of dessert that you just want to savor the taste as it goes into your mouth.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Last but not the least is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to where I love ordering something heavy. Their pastas, sandwiches and salads are to die for.

My personal favorite is their Salami and Cream Cheese. The serving is real big so you better have an empty stomach if you when you order this one. Aside from the delicious sandwich there is a side salad which tastes good too. It is actually something that made me fall in love more with this sandwich. I love Coffee Bean's Mocha Latte (Hot) for coffee as it serves as a comfort beverage for me.
It is important to achieve a time for yourself. You need that alone time to regain your energy so that the follow up tasks can be done. It doesn't mean that you are spending your money for nothing, after all, the reason why you work is to be able to provides for your needs and wants so why not make yourself happy once in a while.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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