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Goodbye September, Hello October!

This new inclusion in the IzzaGlino archive is my attempt to summarize what happened to me over the past 30 days and what I am looking forward to for the coming month. It is refreshing to look back on the now memories and to have high hopes for a better month. Check out last month's Goodbye August, Hello September post.

September has been a bittersweet month for me. I lost a loved one but on the other hand added new and unforgettable memories in my life. It was a roller coaster month but the journey is all worth it. If you enjoyed the post then don't forget to comment below and share your thoughts.

1. Overnight with B and the Bebe Girls

I may have mentioned this beautiful lady in this blog for a couple of posts. Nica has been the best addition to my life and I am blessed having her around me as my best friend. Last September 4 we decided to ask our Bebe Girls (OJTs from Dela Salle Lipa) if they are willing to adopt us overnight and bond at their place. They were renting a condo in Makati and it was a perfect setting for a girls night out.  We went after Friday work and the Bebe Girls bought the snacks, Nica went all out with ice cream while I spent some for the pizza!!! We watched The Break Up Playlist (WOW, this movie is so nice!) and The Love Affair (that only me and Bebe Girl CK were able to finish.) We were able to swim too in the pool. (hooray!) 

2. Star City with the Coffee Monday Barkada

I don't know if I already shared this to you but I work in a place dominated by men. We are like just seven girls out of almost 30 men. Thus, it isn't surprising we, girls, will have an all-boy gang. (Even Nica has her own boy friends). Last September 5, me and the Coffee Monday Barkada (derived from our fondness of having coffee on Mondays after work) decided to level up our bonding at Star City. It was an amazing experience. We went to attractions such as Time Tunnel, Gabi ng Lagim, Peter Pan and more. We also got to experience some extreme rides like  Surf Dance (our favorite!!!), Roller Coaster, Adult Bumper Car, Ferris Wheel and Snow World.  I am not a big fan of rides but these guys made it sure that I feel safe always. Thanks guys, from the bottom of my heart. 

PS. Surf Dance is just WOW! It is a must-do extreme ride. 

3. Lost my Tita Tessie

After a great Friday and Saturday of happiness, I was shocked with the news that my Nanay Tessie (my mom's eldest sister) passed away last September 10. I used to go to spend my summer vacation in their home at Tondo back then. She was so like my mother and maybe the play the biggest factor why I feel worse. I had a background story about this in my SavingsPinay post entitled I'm Just 21 Do I Seriously Need a Life Plan?

Nanay Tessie, I know how much pain you've been through and I pray that you will protect us from above. Thank you for the wonderful years you've spent loving and taking care of your family. We love you. Montes Clan loves you so much.

4. Went Crazy Over 36th Manila International Book Fair

It was my first time to attend a book fair and I bet it won't be the last time. I love seeing these whole place filled with books and more books. I had my list of books to buy which I wasn't able to complete due to lack of fund. Why is there too many books but too little money to spend? Thankfully someone made my Manila International Book Fair an unforgettable one. To you, thank you for that wonderful night. I always feel enchanted to meet you.

5. Work, Work, Work

Spending a Tuesday overtime with B!!!

Eyebags pa more!
Never in my year and a half as Technical Writer/Content Strategist did I found myself too busy to have a life. September has been all about work and deadlines from Monday to Friday. I thank God for giving me the energy and willingness to carry the burden. Hopefully, I will be able to tweak my work flow and really be more productive. 

6. Hosting 101

I was able to witness another love story that was sealed with a vow. I hosted a wedding last September 26 and it was one of the sweetest couple ever. The message of the couple at the end of the event never fail to amaze me. 

Bride: Thank you sa pagtupad mo nang pangarap kong maikasal.
Groom: Sabi ko naman saiyo, maniwala ka lang sa akin... mahal kita.

WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! I can't! That was just too sweet and too lovely to hear. 

I also hosted and trained at the same time the Smart and PLDT Contractors Training Program at PLDT Innolab, Mandaluyong City. It was a humbling experience being able to lead a program/training for almost 30 strangers who were way older than you. 

Big Plans for October!

1. Blogapalooza on October 25

Blogapalooza is the annual biggest gathering of country's influetial bloggers and businesses. I was fortunate to be one of the invited bloggers to the event and will be free to attend and experience for the first time how this whole Blogapalooza event will be. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I am pretty to be part of it. 

2. Pansol,Laguna Outing with my WiFun Family

Still no final date but this will surely be on October. Imagine the hot spring, the bonding and the stories we will share that awesome overnight. 

3. Productive Month All the way

I just genuinely pray that October will be a productive month. I hate to be stressed since November is my birth month. Who would want to look ugly on their birthday right?! So I plan to be as productive as possible for the whole October and really create quality post after post and hopefully have enough to last me even for the first week of November. I can't believe that September has finally ended. It just game too fast.

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your September!!!

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