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My Life Currently...

I've been very vocal on how I want this blog to be a reflection of the real me. So far the traffic that I am getting is from product reviews and hauls. You can see my popular posts at the side of my blog and the top 5 will be:
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Though I am very much thankful for all the love and support whenever I have a beauty item/post, I would like to make personal entries here and there. My plans include new topics like last time's Wednesday's Goodbye August, Hello October and this post where I give an overview of My Life Currently. 

I've been seeing these type of posts lately in Bloglovin' (follow me there too) and I enjoy reading them so I decided to create my own version! Hope you love this!

Working On:

As I stated I've been working on a new blog called PinayOnlineRakitera. It is a blog for individuals who like to learn how to do freelance writing, blogging, virtual assistance and other online jobs. I posts every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
I've also been working on my DIY Spending Tracker Notebook which I created to finally keep track on where my money goes. The holiday is fast approaching and I know that I have to prepare for a lot of expenses. 

Last week I created my list of "To Read Books Before 2015 Ends" I have nine books on my list and I am praying I could narrow it down as days pass by. This means I have to finish one book a week. Currently I am reading The Hunger Games Series. I bought all three during the recently concluded 36th Manila International Book Fair and I am hoping to finish all before my birthday. So far Book 1 has been refreshing. I love how easy it is to read and I love the flow of the story.


I am so obsessed with Spotify lately. As soon as I am on my work area I will open my laptop go to  and listen to songs that set me on mood. I love the song Lost Stars by Adam Levine, Cheerleade by OMI and Photograph by Ed Sheeran. 
I still can’t believe that I am watching an anime! I’ve been going crazy with Attack on Titan and at the moment I am waiting for the release of Season 2. For local teleserye’s I find myself loving Pangako Sa’yo. I’ve seen the Kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga and I am not that much of a fan but I also do enjoy watching it.

I am trying to commit to my morning devotional and evening bible study + journaling. I know that it will help me grow in faith stronger and better if I just pour out everything to God.  I bought a new planner/journal for this and am really focused to make it part of my daily routine. I realized how happier my day (my life) is when I acknowledge God first thing. I will definitely talk more about this in succeeding blog entries.


I am in love with my new haircut. I won’t deny that I had this first 8-hours na panghihinayang as to why I suddenly cut my hair. I was literally silent in front of the mirror as soon as I reach home from the salon. But so far, and with the compliments I am getting, I feel more confident with my hair. I love how versatile it can be in terms of style and will definitely create a video about how I style my asymmetrical pixie soon on my YouTube channel. What do you think of my short hair?

Wee!!! I am so back with my ukulele game! I am practicing new songs and I am eager to upload ukulele covers + tutorials soon. I am also happy because I was able to inspire my bestfriend Nica to buy her own ukulele. Last Thursday we went to Ukulele Philippines at The Collective and we purchased her very first ukulele. I am so happy to see Nica's smile upon seeing, holding and playing her first ukulele. Anyhow, the last song I learned is Ed Sheeran's Photograph.
Click HERE to listen for a 15second cover of Wag Mo Na Sana by Parokya ni Edgar.

Looking Forward To:

I've said this over my Monthly Recap how much I'm looking forward for this year's Blogapalooza. I am so fortunate to be part of this momentary event for bloggers, influencers and business owners. I am excited to mingle with my favorite bloggers. I bet I'll be in a super fan mode again just like what happened during the YouTube Fan Fest Creators Academy event.


I wish to finish all my pending tasks at work. And I am praying for more energy as the succeeding days will be hard for my part at the office. I am also wishing that all my Must Do's Before 2015 Ends will be of success. It seems like my list is longer than what it should be especially now that I only have solid two months and two weeks before a new year begins. 
Did you like this post? How's your life currently?
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