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Sulit Product | Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E in Faithfully Yours

My lips easily dries that's why I never forget to put a lip balm in the morning. I've religiously raved about Nivea Vanilla and Macademia Kiss Lip Butter and I swear it is amazing. The only downside is that though it is highly moisturizing and keeps my lips from chapping, it doesn't give any color.

Enter: Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E in Faithfully Yours. I bought this baby because I once planned to recreate my 500pesos and Below Makeup Tutorial. Sadly, I wasn't able to find time filming and opt to review the items instead. Remember my Ever Bilena Eyeshadow and Blush Palette Review? That was part of that look.

Anyways, today's installment of 100Pesos and Below Sulit Product is all about Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E. Enjoy!

Product Information:

Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E moisturizes your lips while giving a blushing tint and healthy look.

Direct for Use:

Just apply as usual lip balm on the lips. For the cheeks you can apply directly by creating two strokes of product on both sides and immediately rub and blend the product with your fingers. You can also use a blush brush for this.

Available for only 88pesos for 3.5g amount of product.

Initial Thoughts

This Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E reminds me so much of my favorite lip and blush tint from Avon's Simply Pretty line. It is easy to use, easy to blend and gives off a very natural hint of color. The packaging is good and gives the product info, ingredients, amount of product and manufacturing date. I love that it is handy to carry anywhere, anytime. 

The shade that I got is Faithfully Yours which is more of a reddish tint. They have another shade called Forever Yours perfect for ladies who are looking for a peachy lip and cheek tint. This product is infused with Vitamin E which is amazing because the moisturizing factor is rich.

Though I don't frequently use this as a blush I still love the natural rosy cheeks it gives. It doesn't dry that easily so you don't have to worry in blending the product. This can actually become a primer for another blush. Remember to apply this blush first and blend it before applying your favorite powder foundation.

The Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E is soooo good when it comes to adding lip color and avoiding any chapping. I love applying this as my everyday lipstick. 

Upon Application

This product smells so good. It has this fruity smell that will make you want to eat it. I apply it directly on my lips then swipe my ring finger to blend the product evenly. Again for the cheeks I don't really use it that much but it is still good. 

What Makes it Sulit?

Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E is available for only 88pesos. You can bring it anywhere and you can reapply your lip tint or blush tint anytime. I love how it gives super natural-looking color and the smell is just the number 2 reason why I love using the product. Well, the reason number one will be what it brings to my lips and cheeks.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. 
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