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Maybelline's Water Shine Lipstick Review

One great thing that happened last month was I finally able to purchase a storage for my makeup. This means two things, 1. I am much more closer to my goal of blogging and creating a video of my small makeup collection and 2. I now have a home sweet home for all of my makeup. I can't wait to share it to you guys!

Anyhow, this post is review article and the reason why I include a little chit chat about the storage thing is because now that I can see all of my makeup in its proper places I noticed that my lipstick collection is so few and outdated.

Laugh at me with this one but I am so not a lipstick person. I feel like only few shades matches my skin tone and makes me nice to look at. I can't wear reds and I never tried pinks but as always stay on the nude to coral line. And realizing how funny my lipstick collection is with 3/4 only swatched and not used for a long time, I decided it's time to focus on this. READ: Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in #403 Plum Perfect

Come, Maybelline's Watershine Pure in B23


Said to quench your thirst for the most natural touch of color infused with combination of natural spring water and the freshest color that gives you a natural glow and dewy shine.


Apply as regular lipstick.


On sale for 150pesos only from 345pesos regular price. Note that this line will be out of stock already  once all stocks run-out.


Yes, it's another nude lipstick for my collection but sadly this was the only shade from the counter when I bought mine. Maybelline's Watershine Pure in B23 is like a tinted lip balm, its sheer and watery when swatched.

This lipstick glides so smoothly on lips it literally feels like putting a normal lip balm but this time with color. The shade the I got is a perfect nude lipstick for a no makeup makeup day or on a lazy day. It gives so much moisture on the lips perfect for day time look. READ: Bench Paintbox Lipstick in Wild Berry

The packaging of Maybelline's Watershine Pure in B23 is pretty simple. It has the label with matching color of the lipstick as a sticker at the end. You can easily identify which shade you are getting. I don't have that much sheer lipstick so this baby will definitely be on top of my favorites.

Maybelline's Watershine Pure in B23 is an everyday lipstick. The consistency is nice and creamy but feel like nothing once applied. You can wear it comfortably and reapply throug out the day. I say reapply because the staying power if this lipstick is one of its cons. Once you ate something or drink it will transfer and it the color just holds for mere 3-4 hours. READ: SanSan HD Lipstick in Nude Brown

Almost no fragrance at all and gives a glossy but non-sticky outcome on the lips.

After Application

What I Love?

  • The packaging is simple but beautiful.
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly moisturizing perfect for someone like who has easy to chap lips.
  • Perfect for minimal makeup
  • No-effort nude color
  • Buildable 
What I don't love?

  • Limited shades available
  • Doesn't last long
  • Maybe too sheer for you

Maybelline's Watershine Pure in B23 is a go to lipstick for those who love nudes. If you are looking for a new lipstick to buy then I highly encourage you to try out the Maybelline's Watershine lipstick line for they are wearable and they are worth the price.

Hope you like this post!


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