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Goodbye November, Hello December

It still feels insane that we are wrapping the month of November already. It feels like yesterday when I published my Goodbye October, Hello November post and I was so looking forward to my birthday. 

As of this writing I am officially 22!!! If you miss out my birthday post then please CLICK THIS LINK.

Here's the highlights of my month.

1. Cake from my Coffee Monday Barkada

Squad Goals
My birthday is a Monday so I spent the morning at work. My bestfriend Nica got me a gift it was a handbag and two Eng Bee Tin which she knew I love. Thank you B!!! Before the work ended my Coffee Monday Barkada surprised me with a birthday cake! And can I just commend how creative the greeting on the cake is.

Isn't this the sweetest??? Pak sa pagka-creative!

Nagtutulong-tulong sila sa pag-sara ng cake na later on kinain din naman namin!!!

2. Birthday Dinner with my family
We are 10 in the family
My family and I went had a dinner together. And it was super awesome. A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria is such a great place. They have affordable meals and super duper yummy. Our menu included the following and I swear to you guys everything tastes sooooo gooodd!!!!

  • Avenetto Family Platter (360.00)
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (555.00)
  • Baked Mussels (160.00)
  • Carbonara Pizza (370.00)
  • Italalian Sausage Parmessan Pasta (330.00)
  • New York Style Pizza (660.00)
  • 2 Tossed Salads (300.00)

Birthday Selfie
Birthday Outfit
The serving is so big and I have a big family and the above is more than enough to feed us. The only downside of that they down have beverage good for group so we ended up just having service water to save.
After the dinner we walked around and found this nice winter themed spot and took a lot of pictures.

3. My Dad's Speech and Me Crying

Also during the dinner my father made some speech which was literally funny because his voice was a little loud that I'm afraid people from the neighboring tables will hear. His speech was all about him wishing I could find the man that will make me happy. 

I did cry on my birthday. It was when my sister asked me to lead the prayer. Upon saying "Thank You Lord for this evening that we have gathered ---" I just cried buckets of tears. It's tears of joy for having all my family with me. We are celebrating my birthday together. My mom ended up leading the prayer.

4. Celebrated with my best friend Nica

 Nica and I bonded over some coffee at Blenz Coffee and it was such a nice evening. We talked about our plans and we also agreed to give each other a gift on Christmas. I love this girl so much. #BFF

5. First Bazaar Experience

So one of the plans we agreed during our Blenz Coffee bonding was going to Noel Bazaar on 28th. It did happen and I can't wait to share to you guys my experience in a separate post. Nica is so pro when it comes to bazaar while I, being a newbie, got easily tired. We were successful though for we finished  touring all the aisles and we had great time checking each and every store. I bought some new makeups too which I will be showing on a Collective Haul Video over my YouTube Channel. 

6. First Legit Running Shoes

I never owned a running shoes thus the reason why when my Mom agreed to buy me this World Balance Sneakers I was so ecstatic!!! This is my first time to own a legit running shoes/sneakers and I found myself rocking it all November. I even included this on my November Favorites.

Things I am Looking Forward on December

1. Back-to-Back Celebration with Christmas and My Dad's Birthday

Of course Christmas is just around the corner and the day after Christmas my father will celebrate his 59th birthday. I am excited to celebrate these special days with my family. My Papa's birthday is on 26th.

2. Company Christmas Party

Well, the Pansol Outing is literally the biggest "drawing" of 2015 but fortunately there's still the company Christmas Party I can look forward to. I am in-charge of the program and I can't wait to bond with my workmates and have a fun night with them. Our Christmas Party is on the 16th.

3. Reunion with my High School Classmates

I miss my high school classmates so much so I night I decided to make a post asking everyone if they want to have a little get-together. The target date is on 20th and I am so excited to see their faces again. It's fun to have reunion with people whom you haven't seen for years and mu high school classmates were some of my most favorite people in the whole world. They mean so much to me. 

I hope you are doing well. Tell me something about your November!!!
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