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5 Under 500pesos Gift Ideas from Lazada

Gift giving is a tradition we commonly see during the Christmas season. From gifts on the Christmas Party to gifts we give to our inaanaks and our family members, everyone we'll be needing some gift ideas.

So today I compiled some of the under 500pesos category stuffs you can buy for your colleagues , friends and relatives. And they are all from Lazada. Note that all items below contain affiliate links. 

Photo from Lazada

Everyone needs a USB whether to save files, music or movie. Anyone will surely appreciate this as a gift. BUY HERE

Photo from Lazada

Music makes everyone happy and how else can you enjoy a party if  you don't have any speaker. A USB Powered Speaker is enough to put a smile to someone. BUY HERE

From Lazada
It's great to own a watch specially now that a New Year begins so I believe everyone will love it as a gift. BUY HERE

From Lazada

Every New Year is a promise of a new beginning. People are in the hope to find success as 2016 begins. A planner will be very helpful for sure so it's a nice and effective gift one will use the whole year long. BUY HERE

From Lazada

A great gift for a workmate or a friend who works in the office is a neck pillow. It gives you comfort while working and can be very useful to catch a quick nap on lunchtime. BUY HERE


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