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How to Set Up Your Blog in Blogger with Step by Step Pictures

Hi everyone! Today is another blog-related post here on my IzzaGlino. I hope that through these kind of posts I can encourage you to start your own blog. And if you did make sure to comment below your link so I can find you and visit you as well. 

Blogger Getting Started Guide

Blogger is a blogging platform by Google. All you need is sign up or if you already have gmail account just sign in. Its one of the leading platform for new and beginner bloggers because its easy, adsense-friendly and just runs ever so smoothly with Google. I started this beauty and lifestyle  blog actually on Wordpress but switched to Blogger late 2013 since I wanted to monetize it. I haven't switched ever since though the blog went to a lot of updates in its feel and look over the years. READ: 5 Things I'm Doing Differently in my Blogs.

Starting a blog is a satisfying feeling actually. Its like creating a school project and/or launching an album. When I went back to zero blogging with Blogger I had no expectations at all. What I wanted was just a little space I can call my own that's easy to maintain as a beginner. PS. There are also other blogging platforms available you could try. Wordpress and Tumblr are two of the most popular too. I will create a separate post on How to Set Up Your Blog with each blogging platform I just mentioned. 

Signing Up for Blogger

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Enter your gmail account and password then click Sign In. If you don't have a google account click "Get Started" button to create one then  follow the previews steps.

Step 3. Once you have signed in you will be prompted to a new page where you enter Your Name and Display Name. These names will be your author profile. 

This page appears if you already have a Blogger account
Creating Your Blog

Step 1. Click "Create Your Blog Now" 

Step 2. Fill in the Title and Address of your blog. Title will display in your blog's header and the address is the link where your readers will be directed. 

          NOTE #1. Make sure to give a unique but easy to remember name on your blog. READ: How to Choose Your Blog Niche and Blog Name for more info. If your chose blog address is already taken you can't use the address anymore. 

          NOTE #2. Since its a free blog your address will have a "" in the end. You can change this in the Settings once you decide to buy your own domain.

Step 3. There's a verification code after. You just have to enter the word and click continue.

Step 4. Choose a template for your blog. Blogger has a lot of free templates you can select for your blogs' web design. You can customize each template on your own desire which entitles a new series of posts by the way.

Step 5. Click "View Blog" or Enter the URL of your blog to check if its live already.

Navigating in Blogger Dashboard

The Blogger Dashboard is basically where you do all the behind the scenes for your blog. The main menus are vertically arranged on the left and the info for each page will show on the right. 


Overview shows your Pageviews in a graph form plus the Updates on your blog from Comments awaiting moderation/response, Published Comments, Pageviews Today, Posts and Total Followers. In the bottom you have notes and articles from Blogger.

This is how Overview Menu looks if your blog is active


Posts give you an overall control on your blogposts. Every blogposts in Blogger are categorized into three: Draft, Scheduled and Published. You can Edit, View, Share or Delete quickly each post.

If you have a draft post you can just check the checkbox and click "Publish" in the above menu.  If you have a published post that you wish to revert to draft just simply click "Revert to Draft" button. If you have a post you want to go to trash just click "Trashbin/Delete" button.

Posts menu also gives you a summary of each of your posts' analytics including counts on Google+, Number of Comments, Number of Views and Published Date. 

This is how Posts Menu looks if your blog is active


Pages are the main menus on the front-end of your blog. You can create as many pages as you wish for blogger and Publish as many as you want too. Sadly you need to know a little coding if you wish to make your Pages be a drop down type or prettier one. The pages menu gives the same summary of each pages' analytics for quick view.


Comments menu shows you eacy and every comments received by your blog. This is a nice to quickly navigate on each post that received a comment. The most recent comment received show first so you won't miss any. You can "Remove Content" meaning still show that a comment has been made but the contents were deleted. "Delete" is pretty delete everything. "Spam" is to report that the comment made is to blacklist servers for spammer postings on your post. 


Stats give you an overview of your blogs status from pageviews to posts and traffic sources. This is incomplete actually so better connect your blog on Google Analytics for a better view. 


Earnings show an Ad Setup for your blog. You can choose to display ads and start monetizing. This has a better view and control panel on the Adsense Account.

     NOTE #3. There are requirements before you can monetize your blog through Adsense. Make sure to have posts published first and just a nice humble traffic received. READ: Is Google Adsense a Scam?


Campaigns are meant to grow your audience through Google's Adwords. 


Layout is where you can add, remove, edit and rearrange the gadgets/widgets of your blog. Depending on your Template/Theme you can basically have a lot of Widgets on the Header, Sidebar and Footer of your Blogger blog. This is another fun way to customize your blog. 

     NOTE #4. Be very picky on the widgets you'll show on your blog. Its nice to keep it clean and simple so it will be very responsive still and to not bombard the readers.


You chance the theme/template of your blog anytime. If you wish to customize the font and font size of titles and other mini changes just click "Customize". If you want a major change and you know how to code click "Edit HTML".


Settings are for major changes you want to do in your blog for Basic, Posts, Comments and Sharing, Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preferences and Other where you can delete your blog actually. 

Creating a New Post

Step 1. Click the "Pencil/Create a New Post" Button. 

Step 2. Add the Title of Your Post above.

Step 3. Write your post on the "Compose". You can navigate on the top menus to make your post pretty. Add image and video quickly too through the buttons and links above. 
     NOTE #5. If you'll do some coding changes just click "HTML".

Step 4. Properly segregate your posts in the right side by putting Label, Schedule. Permalink, Location and any Options. 

Step 5. Click "Publish" if its ready to go. "Draft" if it is still a draft and/or "Schedule" publishing date. 

That's It!

That's how you set up a blog in blogger. Very easy and it only takes less than 15-20 minutes to do all the steps above. As long you already know what your blog will be out then everything will be easy. The next steps will most probably be getting blog post ideas, writing your content and promoting your blog. Make sure to read below blog-related posts I have made so far which will help you more in your journey as a blogger. Thank you so much for visiting IzzaGlino.

Are you ready to start your own blog?

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