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June Bullet Journal Set Up

Bullet Journal is making my 2016 very much alive. I am glad that I stumble upon this system. I have never used any other planner or organizer ever since and I continually grow in love with it every single day. The month is not complete without me sharing how I setup my Bullet Journal for June. As always I'll include the why's, how to's and tips for each entries. 

Bullet Journal Update + Flip Through Video 
(see how my May Bullet Journal went)

Monthly Calendar + Projects + Habit Tracker

For the month of May I separated my monthly calendar, projects and habit tracker but for June I decided to put them all in one spread. I found a good monthly layout in another blogger I just forgot the link. Anyhow the dates of the month are written across the spread and below you'll have a lot of space to write down anything. I decided to use the space for my goals, projects and habit tracker.

My June Monthly Page

June Goals

I selected 11 goals that I want to achieve for June from personal to blog and business, etc. I used color code to separate them easily and highlight whenever the goal is achieved. 

June Projects

I didn't like last month's set up for projects so I simplified everything for June. As you can see my projects are in very simple bullets. Same with goals I highlight on things that I have already achieved. 

Hello Goals for June!!!
June Habit Tracker

I still used the one I Tracker from Decade Thirty. This time I cut them into individual squares and pasted them on the space provided. Currently I am only tracking four items : Miracle Morning, Morning Pages, No Late June and Reading Book.

Habit Tracker

June Editorial Calendar

Last month's set up didn't bring that much joy into my blogging life so I makeover my editorial calendar to fit that can be functional for me. Instead of separating the entries by color of the penmanship I separated them per category. I use pencil for ideas and ballpen for when that particular post is already published. READ: My Weekly Writing Routine aka How I Maintain Two Blogs with A Full Time Job.

I always include an Editorial Calendar inside my Bullet Journal

 Weekly and Daily Pages

I have the same layout for weekly and daily pages but I included a tracker for my Miracle Morning and I mainly used the "Tasks This Week" as just plain "This Week..."

Hello June!!!

Miracle Morning Tracker. This is a new habit that I am introducing into my life and deserves a separate detailed blog post. But to quickly enlighten you I did add a tracker on each step of my Miracle Morning and I fill them in whenever I accomplish the task. 

See the addition of Miracle Morning on my Daily Pages
This Week page is not focused on the tasks but rather answers the question "What will happen this week". I just put important matters and reminders on this space. 


For June I created spreads to narrow down my monthly projects into appropriate next actions. I just write down the name of the project, start date, deadline and goal (or why I'm doing this) the I follow through action items. I love this because I could take my time and brain dump on the tasks I need to do. Whenever I set up a new week or day I review my project master list and select a doable task from the brain dump I did. 

I started doing brain dump for next actions on my Projects

Tracking my Instagram Posts
Another collection I did is My Instagram Tracker and Plan. I am currently serious in making my instagram grow so I did created a spread to track and to plan my posts. I find this very helpful especially for days when I don't know what to post. I refer on my cheat sheet and find an answer. 
I created an entry for a cheat sheet of my Instagram feed
Gratitude Log is something I have tried before but didn't work out for me. However I saw a very good gratitude layout wherein everything is in a normal calendar type layout and I super love it. For me its perfect to jot down my thank yous. 

I love this set up!!!

Gratitude Log
That's it for my June Bullet Journal I hope you enjoyed this. 

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