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Featured Blogger of the Week : Maj Valencia

Hi everyone! Since 2016 started I wanted to create a series of posts featuring other beauty and lifestyle bloggers. This can be a good avenue to learn more about others in the blogging community as well. I hope you enjoy knowing Maj of

About the Blogger

I stumble upon Maj' blog through Instagram. Her feed has a lot great photos on makeup, skincare and makeup of the day. Then I saw the link to her blog and just became a silent fun of her writing style. She's very straight to the point in every blog post and I admire her talent to capture the readers attention with stunning minimalistic photos.

Maj is considered Instagram famous with about 13,000++ followers. Her random beauty haul will make you want to shop now and try. Her blog is as good as her feed by the way. Make sure to click and check!

Now let's get to know Maj by taking a look inside her makeup bag.

Inside Maj Valencia's Makeup Bag

The pic with more items is what I bring when I'm going to a beauty event after work. The Face Shop Oil Control Cushion in V301 - Just in case haggard na ko from work and I have to go to an event pa, I'll bring this for a touch up. I would bring either one of the three depending sa mood: Banila Co. Prime Primer PowderEver Bilena Powder or Celeteque PowderColourpop Blush in Quarters or Ever Bilena Blush in Amethyst - I'd bring either one of these. Na trauma na ko when I brought my Nars Orgasm blush, so now, I only bring blushes na matibay ang case and without a mirror. Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara - been loving this for years. holygrail status na din siya.
Stila Eyeliner - Holygrail eyeliner. I cry at weddings wearing this eyeliner and this never fails me.
The one with fewer items is the one that I have right now because my skin is under medication--because of my allergy haha. 
Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk - My derma gets mad at me whenever I don't use sunblock... so I use this because it's SPF 50 already.
Finess Oil Control Sheet - A must have. I won't survive if I don't have this or tissue. Plus it's super affordable at PHP 30+
Tanya Burr Lip Gloss (can be found in my summer motd... this lipgloss is super moisturizing. i hate lipgloss but i really love this)
Etude House Brow Pencil - I bring this just in case my brows are erased. lol.

A Quick Interview with Maj

If there's one makeup product that should always have in your bag what is it and why?

Lipsticks! I always need one dark and one MLBB. Lol. But no, really, oil bloting sheets or tissue. I can go a day without powder but I can’t last a day without oil blotting sheets or tissue. Since I have an oily T-zone, I always like to blot that area to remove oil. I actually just powder once or twice a day but you’ll see me always touching up with tissue. Haha.

Favorite makeup brand? Local?

If you’re talking about a Pinoy brand, then I’m going with Ever Bilena. I mean have you seen their lipsticks and blushes? They have a lot to choose from and they’ve been upping up their game. Their new releases with EB Advance are very, very timely and I love it that they’re updated in the beauty world.

If you will be reincarnated as a makeup item what will you be and why?

Concealer. Concealer would be my favorite makeup item ever. Back when I was in college, the only makeup item I used was concealer for my eye bags. I love concealer because it hides my blemishes and the stress in my face, and it can make my skin look amazing in seconds.

The song that describes your life right now is?

The song that describes my life? Can it just be a movie? If it’s a movie it’s going to be Perks of Being a Wallflower. But for a song…err… I don't know. But I’ve been loving Same old love by Selena Gomez recently. To the point that we bought tickets just because I’m loving her new songs.

What is your morning ritual/routine?

I’m currently seeing a dermatologist, so sad to say, I don’t have a morning makeup routine anymore.  Current routine would be shower, moisturizer or sunblock and eyebrows using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade.

If you were have the face of someone whose face would it be? How about body?

Could I please have Eva Green’s face and body? It’s okay for me to dream right? Haha. I would go for Keira Knightley’s face and Kaya Scodoleraio too. I really have a thing for Brits!

Lastly, are you in love right now? 

In love? In love with makeup? And I miss using makeup! Haha. But yes, I have a boyfriend of 5 years turning 6 soon. He's very supportive of my beauty blogging and he's become maarte because of me. He now loves using skin care products like eye creams, spot corrector, night creams etc.

Maj of is really perfect as the first featured blogger in this series. Make sure to follow here below:

Facebook – MakeupinManila

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. Be sure to check in next week for our new Featured Blogger of the Week. Thank you Maj for agreeing on this humble series. 

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