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My National Museum Experience - Museum of the Filipino People

I am embarrassed to admit that at my age I've never been to National Museum until last Saturday, May 28. I guess I never had that much interest to go to a museum at all. Thankfully, National Museum had their free entrance for the whole month of May (Heritage Month) and so I went together with my Coffee Monday Barkada. Remember them? It was an absolute fun and the fact that its free made it extra special. Today's post is all about My National Museum Experience.

It was me who invited my Coffee Monday Barkada to go to National Museum upon seeing the poster of free admission for the whole month of May. Gio, the silent guy from our group is also celebrating his birthday that week so it felt just necessary to celebrate, right?! The museum opens at 10am and we decided to meet up at LRT UN an hour earlier. Unfortunately, I was late on the meet up place and had to go to National Museum alone. Well, people around the area knows the place so I didn't have hard time finding my way. 

As it was free admission, expect a long line however, walk-in guests are prioritized so we didn't wait that long. And I think we were all first-timers because we didn't know that there's also the so-called National Art Gallery where you can see the Spolarium. We only explored the Museum of the Filipino People.

San Diego Exhibit 
This is the exhibit gallery on the ground floor where you can find most artifacts that were written in elementary books. There's also recovered cannons from war in the past. 

Manunggul Jar - Something I only see on elementary books before haha

Five Centuries of Maritime Trade Before the Arrival of the West 
In here you'll see artifacts centuries ago before the coming of Spaniards. You'll find merchant vessels and other tools of trade that people from Southeast Asia and of course, Philippines, used.

The Origin
The galleries here focus more on the origin of Filipino people. It composed of four periods: Paleolithic, Neolithis, Metal and Ceramic Age.

Archaeological Treasures (Kaban ng Lahi) 
We found this site highly interesting especially the way the galleries were presented. You'll find burial jar collections and samples from different cave sites in the Philippines. 

The Filipinos and Their Rich Cultural Heritage (Kinahinatnan) 

Here you'll find galleries that focus on some regions with much influence in the Philippine history. There are exhibits from tribes around the Philippines, their tradition, clothing, instruments etc. 

After we explored the Museum of the Filipino People we went to SM Manila to grab our lunch. The birthday celebrant, Gio also treated us for X-Men Apocalypse movie. I'd quickly mention that the movie is fantastic. 

Overall our National Museum and X-Men Apocalypse date went very well. Glad that I have these awesome brothers to celebrate with. I might come back alone perhaps since I really want to see the Spolarium at National Art Gallery. We'll see.

Have you ever gone to National Museum of the Philippines? 
What's your favorite part?

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