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My StyleCon Asia Manila Experience

Hi everyone! I can't wait to share to you my experience during the first ever StyleCon Asia in Manila. I am blessed to receive an RSVP invite email thanks to Ms. Hui Yan, the regional director of StyleHaul whom I've connected first during the StyleHaul Dinner last Christmas. 

What is StyleCon Asia?

StyleCon Asia is a 2-Day event presented by StyleHaul and GushCloud where creators meet to learn collab and learn more about each other while fans can say hello to their favorite influencer. It was held across four cities in South East Asia - Singapore, Kuala Lumpus, Jakarta and last stop, Manila.

Guest of honor for the series of StyleCon Asia event was non other than Lindy Tsang aka Bubz of Bubzbeauty. Yes everyone!!! I met Bubz!!! One of the pioneers of beauty vlogging in the whole wild world. You can watch my whole StyleCon Asia vlog Day 1 here.

Present on the event were famous local beauty creators too!!! 

Day 1

Day 1 was the Collab Day. It was held on a Sunday at KL Tower Makati City. For Day 1 mostly invited are Style and Beauty Content Creators or those who have their own YouTube Channel. It was a small crowd and almost everyone were familiar with each other. 

On the morning session we had a talk about filming tips. It was very informational to be honest, I got a chance to know budget-friendly tools and equipment to make my YouTube videos better. I learned how important a external microphone is to make your audio better rather than rely on built in mic of your camera. Other style and beauty creators were also very generous to give their tips to everyone. 

For the afternoon session we had a collab mission/contest. I was together with Ms. Kris Lumagui and Ms. Abby Inocensio. I was blessed to have very talented group mates. They made the impossible possible. We had to come up with a video about stylesquad in less than two hours with whole filming to editing which was excruciating by the way. 

The end video was judged by featured creators Roseanne Tang of Singapore, Faafirds of Kuala Lumpur, Kristine Roces/Real Asian Beauty of Manila and Liny Tsang/Bubzbeauty. You can watch my Day 1 Vlog to hear their comments about our video. 

Too bad the concept of the winning group was really amazing. It was won by Ms. Isha of ThePurpleHeiress, Ms. Genzel of GenzelTV and Ms. Yetz of Yetzkiedoodles. Still I enjoyed the collab session and I am very thankful to Ms. Kris and Ms. Abby for having me in their group. 

After the event we got home goodies from the generous sponsors of the StyleCon Asia. Thank you to NYX, Pantene, Pink Sugar, Etude House, Sunnies, Sleek, Benefit and many more. 

Day 2

Day 2 was the StyleChats and StyleStudios open to everyone who have successfully registered to the event. It was held on a Monday but the crowd was really a lot. The room was easily filled with cheerful spectators. For Day 2 all we had to do was seat back and learn from the StyleChats and StyleStudios session. 

Ms. Bubz was still there and surprised everyone. She's the sweetest ever. I was so happy that I got a chance to hug, to chat and to take a photo and shouout to her yesterday since for Day 2 the people were too many already. 

The best part of Day 2 for me was the All About the Hair StyleStudios. I love Mr. Lourd Ramos - his expertise and his humor that truly entertained everyone. I got to learn a lot about hair care and styling. I also had a lot of fun with Ms. Brevie since we were seated together. She was very bubbly and her beautiful kid, Ashley was super nice too. 

I didn't do any vlog for Day 2 because I didn't have that much footage but you can watch my Day 1 Vlog instead.

Again big thanks to StyleCon Asia, StyleHaul and GushCloud for doing this. It was such an awesome experience.

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