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Featured Blogger of the Week | Kaycee Enerva of

Hi everyone! Since 2016 started I wanted to create a series of posts featuring other beauty and lifestyle bloggers. This can be a good avenue to learn more about others in the blogging community as well. I hope you enjoy knowing Ms. Kaycee of

About the Blogger

I am so pumped up for our Featured Blogger of this Week. I didn't know that starting this humble series will be a success and I am so glad to meet and get to know fellow bloggers respected and well-admired in the personal beauty and lifestyle niche. Ms. Kaycee is not just any ordinary blogger. Her blog is a big resource list been read since 2010. Her blog is #1 in the Philippines and #38 in the World based on and google analytics. People go to her blog to read honest reviews from skincare, makeup to gadgets and many more. 

I will be honest that I got starstruck when she commented on my Instagram about her interest to be part of this week's Featured Blogger. And so without further ado please meet Ms. Kaycee of KikaysiKat and get to know her more through her makeup bag.

Inside Kaycee of KikaysiKat's Makeup Bag

1. Maybelline BB Cushion -  Surprisingly cheap and effective
2. Travalo perfume pod -  so I can take my expensive perfumes with me anywhere without worrying breaking the bottle
3. Banila Co Finishing Powder -  to set makeup
4.KjM lip and Cheek Tint in bittersweet magenta
5. Eye of Horus Brow pencil
6. Pixi Beauty nude no makeup makeup minimalist palette
7. Shiseido Lipstick
8.  Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
From Ms. Kaycee PS
Ang kalat ng makeup kit ko no?  Hohoho sa restaurant pa ko kumuha ng photo
A Quick Interview With Ms. Kaycee
If there's one makeup product that should always have in your bag what is it and why?

-Brown eyeliner! You can use it for your brows (for emergency) and line your eyes too. I cannot leave the house with bare brows

Favorite makeup brand? Local?

-Happy Skin, and it's a local brand! Even if I never get invited to their events LOL

If you will be reincarnated as a makeup item what will you be and why?

-A concealer, because I want to help you hide your flaws :p

The song that describes your life right now is?

- Shake it off by Florence and the Machine :)

What is your morning ritual/routine?

-Putting on sunblock before going out. Grabe I'm obsessed with sunblock, it's a must if you want to avoid sun spots, aging, cancer, and que horror, wrinkles!

If you were have the face of someone whose face would it be? How about body?

-Gloria Diaz circa 70's, I love my body.

Lastly, are you in love right now? 

-Y-E-S (Follow her on Instagram to find out who!!!) 

Ms. Kaycee of KikaysiKat proves to be a perfect candidate in this humble series. Don't forget to check her links below:

Instagram: heyitsmekaycee
Twitter: kikaysikat
Snapchat: kikaysikat

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. Be sure to check in next week for our new Featured Blogger of the Week. Thank you Kaycee for agreeing on this humble series. 

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