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Life Lately #10

Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to create another Life Lately blog post was still June. Now July is almost over and I can't even imagine bidding goodbye that quickly. Here's a quick update on my life, my blogs, my event business followed by a five things lately.


As I've mentioned is some previous post I got really sick towards the last week of June. It was the worst feeling ever. I couldn't get out of the bed because my whole body ache. I had high fever and pain on lower right rib and back.

It turned out that I have Urinary Track Infection that's causing the high fever. Thank goodness I got well after a week of antibiotics and pain reliever. Now I have to stay away from softdrinks, salty snacks and other food that may cause the infection to come back. 

I am also currently in medication for the other sickness that I was diagnosed on. No worries its not life-threatening whatsoever. I just have to make sure I take my medicine on time and I eat well. I actually realized how valuable our health is after what happened to me. I will surely take care of myself more now. 


Since I'm recovering from my sickness on the first two weeks of July I failed to blog that much. I couldn't find the motivation to write new posts more so take photos for the blog. Fortunately I felt better after a week and manage to still post something on the blog. 

I am so proud of myself that I get to blog in my personal finance blog SavingsPinay every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two consecutive weeks. I also have some new posts here in IzzaGlino. I'll most probably resume my YouTube this week. We'll see. I haven't posted a new video in almost two weeks. 

Posts lately on IzzaGlino

Posts lately on SavingsPinay


Instead of giving you an update of my work I'll concentrate on the current situation with my Event Business. (Naks!) I set my intention to go back hosting and doing hair and makeup and other services related to events. 

Last week I had the opportunity to do the hair and makeup of a debutant for her Gatsby-inspired save the date photoshoot. It went well and I am thankful that the end product went well. Here's the video of the finish product:

5 Things Lately

1. Ms. Kaycee of KikaysiKat and Ms. Char of YellowYum as Featured Blogger of the Week 

Every blogger I invite for the Featured Blogger of the Week have inspired and helped me in the most awesome way. I never expected the humble series to be this successful. This July I was able to invite Ms. Kaycee of KikaysiKat and Ms. Char of YellowYum, two of the first bloggers I've stalked when I don't even have a blog yet. It was so sweet that they agreed to do the blog collab. 

2. New Hair

I cut my hair and had it colored one Sunday and I am soooooooo happy with it. It was a year ago when I last had my haircut and it was really short almost shaved on the left side. Now my hair inspiration has been Laureen Uy's straight ombre bob cut. I still have no good photos of me with my new hair but soon I'll start rocking it for sure. 

3. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

I super love these products!!! I've been using the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner as my everyday toner day and night. It gently cleanses and give this super smooth and clear and balance skin. The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is something I use for a pamper night routine almost every other day. It feels super nice on the face especially once you apply it and once it dries up. I wasn't that oily anymore because of this power combo. READ: My Complete Current Skincare Routine Day and Night

4. Ultimate Party Playlist on Spotify

A list of songs that have been keeping alive at work has been the Ultimate Party Playlist. I created it and selected random songs that just make me feel happy. You can click to see my public playlist.

5. Back in Instagram

I am soooo happy that I got back on my Instagram game lately. I have posted amazing photos and did some micro blog for them. I hope you can follow me on Instagram if you also enjoy beauty and skincare photos plus books, bullet journal and other random stuff.


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