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July Bullet Journal Set Up

I will be honest that I had a rough start in this month's Bullet Journal set up. I was really sick last week of June, hence the lack of post here and in my other blog SavingsPinay. I didn't do my set up for July until I was fully recovered which was last Thursday, July 7. But I know that the month is not complete without me sharing how I set up my Bullet Journal for July with all the why's how to's and tips for each entries.

PS. I am coming to an end in the current notebook that I use and I really want a Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook this time. I just hope I found one in the bookstores near me. 

July Monthly Calendar

Another big change on My Monthly Calendar for July compared to last month. I went to the traditional calendar but tried to fit every box in one page. There's not much happening in July for yours truly so I guess the layout that I came up with will be fine. 

July Goals

Next to the Monthly Calendar is a page to write down my monthly goals. This is actually nice because I had a lot of space to jot down plus I really love how my handwriting went in this page. It's pretty. LOL. 

June Goals and What Happened to Them:
  1. Repent and Recommit with Devotions Yes but there's a lot to improve. Also I think this is a broad goal and I need to be more specific.
  2. Budget everyday of the month Epic Fail!!!
  3. Hit 140,000 Pageviews on SavingsPinay
  4. Hit 80,000 Pageviews on this blog, IzzaGlino
  5. Hit 500 Subcribers on YouTube
  6. Hit 300 Followers on Instagram
  7. Grow number of SavingsPinay FB Group to 25
  8. Set Up Productive Work space
  9. New Hike?? Or Hulugan Falls in Laguna Didn't push through because of the weather. Too Bad.
  10. Achieve Home Workout Routine Epic Fail haha
  11. Establish Morning Routine and Miracle Morning I was good for the first two weeks but I suddenly went on procrastination plus I got sick and find it hard to get up... hmmm... I think I am just making excuses. 
My Realizations

I've accomplished 6 out 11 goals I set for June and I am not happy with that. Most of the goals I've accomplished are for the blog but the personal ones, I should probably make serious commitment to them.

Just like what I mentioned in myMonthly Recap | Goodbye June, Hello July launching Featured Blogger of the Week in this blog has been a tremendous success. For the first week of July we had Ms. Kaycee of KikaysiKat!!! Isn't that amazing?! Almost all the bloggers I made a feature about are my blog inspirations and they just make me want to be better in my craft.

Write your goals. It really helps when you release it from your mind and put it down on paper. Trust me.

This Month
  1. Get back to regular posting schedules 
    1. Here every Mondays to Saturdays
    2. SavingsPinay every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
    3. Youtube new video every week
  2. 30-Day Miracle Morning Challenge. Track progress.
  3. 30-Day Morning Pages Challenge. Track Progress.
  4. New Devotional for May - The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Track progress.
  5. Reach 150,000 Pageviews on SavingsPinay
  6. Reach 86,000 Pageviews on this blog, IzzaGlino
  7. Reach 350 Followers on Instagram
  8. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube
  9. Grow number of SavingsPinay FB Group to 50
  10. Be active again on Instagram
July Projects

Beside My Goals for July is the Projects that I have to accomplish. This is like a master list/ brain dump for me and I try to write the bigger rocks or those tasks that if I'll do will give the most satisfaction. The layout of SavingsPinay should be improved this month and I am making my way learning how to make it extra pretty for the readers.

I also have a lot of work to do over my YouTube channel like videos to film and post etc. Then there's this big plan to go active hosting events which will only happen if I sell my service to some of the best event places around the Metro. So far I am doing the work with calling card, a blog probably and other marketing materials for my service.

July Editorial Calendar

Though I like how my June Editorial Calendar went since its the most functional content planner layout I have made so far I did change it again this July. I separated the calendar for each active media I have. I also included a space to put my blog and/or video ideas. As always I write first with a pencil as draft then go with a ball pen once the article is already published. 

July Weekly and Daily Pages

Now this is embarrassing but I've been using a very simple and low-key layout for my weekly and daily pages. I went back to basics just focusing on writing my tasks of the day and not doing all the time tracker, habit tracker etc. I will probably change this layout next week or the following week...I don't know but for now what you see is what you get. 


I made an spread for My Planning Routine, My Current Skincare Routine, (which I'll have a blog post on Friday) and My Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks as a Blogger. I just want to have a physical copy that I can refer to anytime. At the bottom I had my tracker page for habits/goals this July. 

That's it for my July Bullet Journal I hope you enjoyed this.

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