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Featured Blogger Of The Week: Keith Relevo

Hi everyone! Since 2016 started I wanted to create a series of posts featuring other beauty and lifestyle bloggers. This can be a good avenue to learn more about others in the blogging community as well. I hope you enjoy knowing Keith of

About the Blogger

I first saw Keith on Instagram. I just clicked the search button and found her beautiful flat lay picture. I was in love at first sight with her Instagram feed. She does wonderful photos with microblog of each for her dear followers. Then I found out her blog which by the way is as awesome. From then on Keith's blog has been one of sites I visit when I need some beauty and lifestyle inspiration.

Her blog is just a month old but she has great potential in telling her sides of the product. You will be entertained by her product reviews plus gain a lot of information on new items available. I also love the fact that she updates her blog consistently.

Now let's get to know Keith by taking a look inside her makeup bag.

Inside Keith Relevo's Makeup Bag

On a normal day, I usually put my makeup before leaving the house. The things on my kit are basically for retouching. I only bring a full makeup kit when travelling or whenever there's an office event. 
Oil control sheets- a must-have 
Canmake Pressed Powder -my favorite touch-up powder as of the moment. 
Rucy's Vanity Eyebrow Pencil and Kpalette Eyeliner -also for retouching 
Carmex lipbalm 
2 lipsticks at least- when I shoot this, I have MAC Mehr and Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic in my bag 
Artdeco concealer- my HG, also very small and compact 
Denman brush and tweezers.
Visit Keith on Instagram for micro review of the products mentioned above.

A Quick Interview with Keith

If there's one makeup product that should always have in your bag what is it and why?
Lipbalm! Majority of the lipsticks in my collection are matte so there's always a tendency for my lips to chap or crack during the day. I make sure that I always bring a lipbalm anytime, anywhere.

Favorite makeup brand? Local?
I would say MAC, no doubt. For local brand, I love Happy Skin! The lipstick selection is so amazing and the face bases are perfect for Filipina skin

If you will be reincarnated as a makeup item what will you be and why?
I will be a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick because it is elegant, simple and sophisticated.

The song that describes your life right now is?
Work by Rihanna. Meme below from Keith:

What is your morning ritual/routine?

My morning routine is the usual- cleanser, toner, moisturizer. I use the Burt Bees Anti Blemish line that I got from the Project Vanity event. I also make sure I use a sunscreen underneath my makeup. You should have asked my night routine instead because it's so much more interesting as I follow the Korean 10 step skincare routine. Haha.

If you were have the face of someone whose face would it be? How about body?

Miranda Kerr's face please and Candice Swanepoel body.

Lastly, are you in love right now? 

Yes, I am. I've been married for two years now and I'm lucky that my husband supports my beauty addiction. It's funny because he knows a lot about makeup because of me. And he's the one who judges my brows if "pantay".

Keith of MakeupKeith, proves to be a perfect candidate in this series. Don't forget to follow and check her links below:

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post. Be sure to check in next week for our new Featured Blogger of the Week. Thank you Keith for agreeing on this humble series. 

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