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Goodbye November, Hello December 2016

It's time to recap what happened for the month of November with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month. November is my birth month so half of this post includes how my birthday celebration went. I also had some other fun times during November which I'm excited to share to you. Still can't believe that we are on the last month of 2016. 

My Canon EOS M3

The Canon EOS M3 looks sleek and pretty. I have such a good time using it for my photos

As a birthday gift to myself I bought the Canon EOS M3. Now I have a decent camera to use for both blogging and vlogging. I have been eying this camera for awhile because it is affordable and has a functionality of a DSLR plus the fact that it is a Canon camera. The photos from my posts this November was taken with the Canon EOS M3 and I hope you noticed the big difference from my previous posts. I will also be back in doing YouTube videos again thanks to this great camera.

Planning Papa's 60th Birthday Party at Tramway Pasay

Entrance of the main buffet hall

My mother.

Since it was lunch time already we tried their buffet set.

Kilay only face and my mom busy on the phone.

Part of my 2016 Bucket List is to celebrate my Papa's birthday with a party and I am so proud to say that I did it. I paid for my father's celebration in cash!!! I still can't believe that I was able to raise xx,xxx amount of money in just two months!!! Thanks to my event hosting gigs and freelance writing on the side. Anyway I just want to make my Papa happy and I really wish it would be a successful event this coming December 27. 

My Birthday Celebration!!!

Last November 9 I turned 23. It was a very fun and memorable night. I celebrated first with my friends at SNR and with my family at home. 

And the gang is complete

Groupie :)

Garlic and Shrimp Pizza everyone

Combo Pizza of SnR

Group photo

My Birthday Cake

Nica, Monday Coffee Barkada and the rest of my closest friends at work came to celebrate with me. The theme for my birthday is "Pa-Pizza ni Izza" (yes, it rhymes). I wore almost the same outfit I wore last year when I celebrated my birthday with my family. They also surprised me with a gift and let me tell you that it is one of the funniest gift giving ever in my entire life. I was laughing so hard the whole time. Here's a video you might want to watch. 

At home my family were waiting for me. I had another celebration with the annual birthday cake and so on. It was very simple yet meaningful day for me. This year has been very nice to me and I have a lot to be grateful for. I thank everyone who offered me their warm wishes and greetings on my special day. Its been a amazing year after all and I'm excited for my next birthday to come. 

Komikon 2016 and Gastro Park Kapitolyo

Yes!!! Komikon 2016

At the event hall

With my sisters

Our orders at Gastro Park Kapitolyo

Perfect dining for families and barkadas

I already blogged about my Komikon 2016 and Gastro Park Experience so you can click the link for more story. Attending a Komikon event for the first time is such a surreal experience. I am not a big fan of comics or graphic novels but I do appreciate Pinoy talents. Dining at Gastro Park was also nice. Truly it was more amazing the second time around. Great food, great ambiance and at very affordable price. 

Ayala Triangle Garden Lights

Angelo, Nica and Joseph


Festival of Lights

Group Pic again

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Just like last year, me and my workmates went to the Ayala Triangle Garden Lights. If I have to compare I must say that last year was better compared to this year's Festival of Lights showcase. The moment when all the lights were white was missing :( But I do enjoy the party song the included towards the end of the show. It really made us dance the stress away. We also dine at Bon Chon near the area and what's cool is the tent they installed since there are more people during the Ayala Triangle Garden Lights compared to ordinary days. 

Things To Look Forward To in December

Event Hosting Gigs

December is the busiest month for event professional like me. I am booked for December 3, 10, 14, 15 and 29. I am very thankful for the trust my clients gave me and the opportunity to host special events this Christmas season. Hopefully I can save the money I get from my events this month. 

New YouTube Videos

I'll be active on my YouTube Channel again after three months of hiatus. With the new camera and the other ''big investment'' I made my videos will definitely be better. I love making YouTube videos despite the negative comments I mostly receive. I have a ton of amazing ideas for the channel and I can't wait to hustle and make it happen.

Holidays 2016

Christmas and New Year are my favorite holidays. I am beyond excited for the delicious food, gift-giving and a lot of happy memories the holiday season will provide.

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