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December Bullet Journal Set Up

I'm so excited to give you a glimpse on my December Bullet Journal Set Up because I am using a new planner notebook. I got an A5 70 leaves Dotted Notebook from Muji with and it's one of the simplest and minimalist notebook ever. It is pricier than my last notebook but definitely worth it. In this blog post I'll be sharing my December set up but please stay tune to a detailed article of my 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up. I plan to do a video as well. :)

Monthly Calendar

Sticking on the Calendar Layout I did for the past two months. I love how I can easily log my events and appointments as well as write down the significant thing that happened on that particular day that made me grateful. 

December Habit Tracker, Goals and Projects

For this month I didn't do a Habit Tracker, Goals and Projects Brain Dump. The main reason for this is I want to start fresh next year. I kept my 17 Before 2017 To Accomplish List and will focus on that alone. Also I know this month will be filled with reflections and reviews so instead I want to dedicate pages for me to regroup, plan and organize how I want the Next Year to be. 

Last Month's Goals and What Happened to Them
  1. Read and complete my reading list for the month. - FAIL. I did however read and finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. She is the same author of Gone Girl.
  2. Buy decent camera for blogging/vlogging. - YES. I bought a Canon EOS M3. I blogged about this in my Goodbye November, Hello December post.
  3. Revamp 50 posts on IzzaGlino - FAIL.
  4. Revamp 50 posts on SavingsPinay - CANCELLED. Will not do any revamp on SavingsPinay since I transferred to a new home. 
  5. Finish all blog labels on SavingsPinay - CANCELLED. 
  6. Finish Pinterest account of IzzaGlino - IN PROGRESS. Already created relevant boards for the blog.
  7. Create and follow November Budget - YES. I was able to follow my budget, track my daily expenses and put loose change on Piggy Bank.
    • Track daily expenses
    • Put loose change on Piggy Bank
  8. Get my Postal ID - FAIL. 
  9. Apply for my passport - FAIL. 
  10. Organize, Declutter and Simplify - FAIL.
    1. Work Station
    2. PC
    3. Shoe Collection
  11. An outdoor activity - Attended the Komikon 2016. Read more here.
For Stats
  1. Reach 210,000 pageviews on SavingsPinay from 192,147 - No!!! - 206,185
  2. Reach 112,000 pageviews on IzzaGlino from 105,993 - YES!!!! - Surprised with 115,878
  3. Reach 400 followers on Instagram from -352 - No!!! - 368
  4. Reach 550 Subscribers on YouTube from 537 - YES!!!! - 357
  5. Reach 100 members on SavingsPinay FB Community from 73 - No!!! - 79
November Weekly and Daily Page

I changed my Weekly and Daily Page for the month of December and made simple and more appealing. 

My Weekly Set Up

My Daily Log for December

For Weekly I created a full page with the following details:
  • Calendar
  • Daily Expense Tracker
  • To Do List
  • Weekly Review

For Daily it is the same horizontal planning but I did modify the Weather Icon and the Time Tracker as well. 

I know this post is too short and a lot of pages I used to do on my past Bullet Journal Set Ups are missing. But I'll definitely spill all the juicy details on my next post because I'll be showing my 2017 Bullet Journal. 

That's it for my December Bullet Journal Set Up. I hope you enjoyed this. 

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