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Five Things To Do in the Next Four Months

And we are down to the last four months of 2017. I wish this year will be longer but sadly months flew by too quickly for all of us. It feels like yesterday when I sat down and set up my bullet journal for the New Year, now I am already preparing for 2018.

Anyway, I’ve always envisioned this to be a personal beauty and lifestyle blog, with an emphasis on the word personal. I want this to be a special space where I could share my thoughts, the things that are making me happy, making me sad or making me look forward to tomorrow.

Today’s post is my attempt to make this blog more personal. Every Sunday expect a more spontaneous post in this blog. I want to stop following what others are doing and start blogging for myself once and for all.

Without further ado I’ll be sharing my five things to do before 2017 ends.

1. Organizing

I’ve been postponing this since April 2017, the time I had my hand on the holy grail of all tidying books – The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I’m done with the book and even created a cheat sheet on a spare notebook so I know exactly how things should be done but, I ended up procrastinating on tidying up.

Here are the things that was supposed to be done months ago:

  • Declutter my books and sell those that I don’t need or love anymore.
  • Same with my clothes but instead of selling, giving them to my relatives.
  • Deeply organize my makeup and skincare collection and throw or give away products I don’t really use anymore.

I want to toss a lot and just keep as minimal amount of stuff as possible. Those that are really needed and those that adds value in my everyday life. After this I can go on a shopping to fill in with the essentials – a good black jeans and white button down, makeup organizers, full-size mirror and maybe some from my beauty wishlist, etc. I will be doing a complete room-makeover. Aja!

2.   Fitness

I know I need a sort of fitness routine to relieve stress. Last July, I tried jogging in the morning with my eldest sister but I didn’t enjoy it. I felt extremely exhausted after and rest of the week didn’t seem good. My legs were tired and wobbly and I feel sleepy at work.

This post changed my view on exercising. Here’s what the author recommends, do only the exercise you enjoy.

With that in mind I know my next action is to discover what fitness routine will be best for me. My biggest problem area has been my belly fat and I need to put this on top of my list actually. I am petite and although it seems like I don’t have problem on weight, my tummy shows the exact opposite of that.

I’ve been collecting a lot of “how-to-flat-stomach” tips on Pinterest and all I have to do is implement each one. We’ll see.

3. Reading

I have set myself in reading more books this 2017, but clearly this goal is now part of my wish list file. I have plenty of time to read but I find it hard to stay on top of my reading list. So instead of creating another x amount of books in x amount of time promise, I told myself all I really need is to read every day.

I don’t need to get pressured into finishing four books in a month, I just have to read every single day. A good 30 minutes or an hour is enough. Probably more when the weekend comes.

And no matter how many tasks I have to do in a day-to-day basis, I have to squeeze reading on my day. Keeping my books to minimum would also help as I feel uninspired whenever I see my to-read side. Speaking of to-read, next month will be the annual Manila International Book Fair and I am sooooo excited to go once again. I had a wonderful time two years ago so I will make sure not to miss this year’s event.

4. Blog Overhaul

This blog has been in its same old design since 2015. Although I really adore the current look and feel, I know that a change is badly needed. To start with. I’d like to streamline my categories from gazillion to at most three – Beauty, Passions and Life. This would also mean spending every hour I can to re-categorize each post on this blog and to even delete those who doesn’t fit on the above categories anymore.

I’m also going to blog on specific days of the week – Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays to be exact. So I can dedicate Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on my personal finance blog, SavingsPinay.

Mondays and Fridays will be makeup and skincare posts (BEAUTY), Wednesdays will be for Books, Blog and Bullet Journal (PASSIONS) while Sundays will be spent on personal posts, life updates, devotionals, travel diaries and random musings (LIFE).

Tweaking the look and feel this blog is also a priority for me. I wanted everything to be clean and crisp. I want the focus to be on the content and to make it easier for the readers to devour the bits and pieces of this humble blog.  

5. Outdoor Activity

The last time I did an outdoor activity was the 4 days, 3 nights Baguio trip last March. After that I became busy adjusting with new work and doing side hustles. My good friend Armstrong has been inviting me on another hike and I’m eager to say yes.

A travel with family this end of September is also something I am organizing. My birth week is also a beautiful date to go somewhere, but since I’ve always wanted to go solo I think I’ll do it this year.  

That’s it for this post. I hope you will have a beautiful Sunday. Hooray for it is another long weekend.

How about you, what are you planning to do or to achieve before 2017 ends?

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  1. Hi Ms Izza,

    Thank you for this post. Na-excite tuloy ako to organize my remaining 4months for the year 2017.

    I'm so excited to read more post of yours in "Life" Category, coz that's what I'm looking for mostly in a blogsites. Hope you can also add some spiritual advices and experiences to this.

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs, especially for introducing me to bullet journal wayback 2016.

    More Power. AJA.