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Goodbye July, Hello August 2017

It's time to recap what happened for the month of July with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month. July gave me mixed emotions with my Kuya and his family moving to Cavite, to reaching my first ever Google Adsense Threshold. Below are the highlights of the month of June and what I look forward for the new month.

Ate Abi and Mama’s Birthday

My elder sister and my mom celebrated their birthday on the first week of July. My Ate Abi was July 3 while my mother was July 6. We had simple celebration at home and it was made special because we were complete. As much as we want to have a fancy celebration, we opted for a simple Jolibee treat that all of us enjoyed.

Cavite visit to my Kuya

The same week my Kuya and his family moved to their own home sweet home in Cavite. After 7 years of staying on and off in my parent’s house they finally settled in their own two-storey house in Lumida Cavite. My brother even shared his experience in his own blog you can read here.

We made a surprise visit to them one weekend as a sort of housewarming. Now that they moved I won’t see Lyron that much and its making me really depressed lately. I have always included my nephew, Lyron as my greatest source of joy. I will miss him so much but I have to accept that it is all for the better.

Me and my youngest sister playing on the playground within Kuya's house

My pamangkin na miss na miss na miss na miss na miss ko na!!!
Mom’s awesome surprise!!!

My mother surprised me with an office chair one night! I really wanted an office chair on my workstation to set me on a productive mood. Thank you Mother for this surprise gift!

Bonding with FAMI workmates

Me and my workmates from FAMI spent an evening of fun and laughter at Don Henrico’s Pizza. It was only a short after work bonding but I had so much fun. Work doesn’t feel that much of a work when you are having a blast.

With my FAMI workmates.
Divisoria and Overnight Bonding with Nica

Nica and I went to Divisoria on the 3rd week of July. We didn’t get that much items as we supposed to shop because we felt too overwhelmed with the whole shopping scene. There were a lot of people in each aisle and we had a difficult time settling on what we will buy.

After our Divisoria shopping Nica slept over at our house. We had some life and career talks too which is always fun.

Four Sisters and a Dinner

I and my sisters bonded over dinner and movie night at Festival Alabang. We watched Kita Kita, the much talked about movie starring Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy. It was good movie indeed and my sisters and I enjoyed every second of it.

I love how natural Alessadra and Empoy is with their acting. Empoy is really good in making jokes but still in line with his character. Alessandra is A-MAZ-ING!!!!! No words can explain how good Alessandra de Rossi is.

You can check our Komikon Experience and Gastro Park Food Adventure for the last adventure me and my sisters did.

Things I’m Looking Forward On August

Google Adsense Payout

I finally reached my $100 Google Adsense threshold!!! Thank you for supporting my blog all the way. Although I reached my threshold in July I have to wait until August 21 for my check to come in. I’ll be adding this on my extra income account!

Long weekend

There are two long weekend for the month of August and I’m so excited! This time I’ll make sure that those extra off days will be maximized. I’ve been procrastinating in applying the KonMari in my life and this will be the best time to succeed in this goal.

Another visit to Lyron

I really miss my pamangkin and no day went by without me wishfully thinking Cavite is just 15 minutes away. This month I plan to have a sleep over in Cavite or just a simple visit.
Hope you enjoyed the past month's’ recap.
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