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Goodbye September, Hello October 2018

It's time to recap what happened for the month of September with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

September 2018 was a blast. I had a lot of things on my plate for the month and I can’t thank God for the unlimited grace He had provided in the midst of the busy schedules. For September I attended a Discipleship Class called Purple Book at Victory Makati which took most of my evenings. I also spent an overnight staycation Shell Residences to support my eldest sister at Run Rio 2018. Lastly, I met Pia of Visit  Manila PH and again after almost a year.



Purple Book Class 2018

Last month I mentioned that one of the things I’m looking forward for the month of September is attending (and finishing) the Purple Book Class. Purple Book is one of the many discipleship classes available in Victory Makati. It promotes biblical foundation, strengthening one’s knowledge on different important topics in the Bible. 

My experience joining Purple Book Class was a blast. I enjoyed every meeting. I didn’t know it would function just like a normal class where we would elect officers, take exams, memorize verses  and more. We even had a graduation ceremony at our last day of class.

I learned a lot during the classes and most were new to me. 

  •       What happened during The Fall (Genesis 3) and its significance.
  •       The sovereignty of God providing us with free will.
  •       The cost of following Christ which is absolute surrender.
  •       The importance of devotion.
  •       How asking questions could change the way you study the Bible.
  •       We live to be extra generous. Genuine generosity means us trusting God will provide.
  •       The the gospel must not stop with me, I am called to share the gospel to others.
  •       And many more.

It was totally life changing.



Run Rio Trilogy 2018

Last September 23 to 24, I spent a weekend together with my sisters in Shell Residences MOA. We were there in support to our eldest sister who joined the 21K event of Run Rio Trilogy 2018.

I’ve supported a friend in the same sporting event before - Aquathlon (read here) so it wasn’t a new experience for me anymore. But, witnessing how happy my eldest sister was somehow different. I could just see the glow on her eyes. I felt so happy for her achievement.

Running 21 kms for only 2 hours was insane.

Super proud of my sister and can’t wait to witness that again in November as I support her on another marathon :)

Here are more photos I personally took during the event:

I feel so inspired to start my own fitness journey as well. Thank you Ate.

Meeting Pia again

If you are a long time reader of the blog you may remember Pia. right? I met her first during the CaramoanIsland Hopping Experience I had in 2016.  We share a lot of common things with each other such as both Christian and attendees of Victory Church, we both love to bullet journal and we both are bloggers!

The last time we saw each other was January 2017 and even I can’t believe it took us a year and a half to finally meet again. And guess what our meet up was not planned at all! 

During the last Wednesday service in Victory Makati I received a message from P saying she was in the service also. I was so surprised. We met at the registration area during the Tithes and Offering part and hugged each other  right away.

We weren’t able to chat that much since the service was in progress and she had to go early to meet with her cousin. But, we promised to spend quality time again pretty soon. 



Things I’m Looking Forward for October 2018

Company Sports Fest

It is the annual First Metro Sports Fest once again! I had a great time last year so I’m definitely excited as to what will happen this year. Aside from the company sports fest I  don’t actually have any planned event for the coming month. There is also no occasion whatsoever for October in the family so I’m guessing it will be just a normal month for me.
That’s it for the highlights of my September 2018. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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