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Goodbye June, Hello July 2019

It's time to recap what happened for the month of June 2019 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

Wow. June is now over and a new month begins! How can the months flew by too quickly? I mean I know I shouldn’t panic but I can’t help but feel alarmed that 2019 is passing by swiftly. When it comes to personal life, it was certainly way better than last month. Work wise, it was busier. 

Month after month after month I feel like work is getting hectic and chaotic. There are a lot of ideas pitched in and projects opened. Transitioning from a technical writer position to digital marketing is such a surprise. But I am taking every day like a challenge. And though I feel busy and tired, I’m really happy. This is the happiest I’ve been in terms of my career. 

Anyway, enough of me babbling. Let’s begin the monthly recap.


Attending Making Disciples Class in Victory Makati

Last June 8, I attended the first instalment for the year of Making Disciples Class at Victory Makati. Making Disciples is a one-day thorough course on what discipleship is all about. It was created to give a simple, biblical definition of discipleship, rather than a complicated theological one.

Making Disciples Class is one of the many discipleship classes being offered not just in Victory Makati but all Victory churches across the country (and world!). I am honestly thankful to be in a church community that continuously offer classes like this for growth. I believe it is one of the best ways we can grow spiritually and know God deeply.

My classmates during the 

In summary, here are the highlights from the Making Disciples Class I attended:

  • If you don’t minister because you are afraid of rejection, then just think of what Jesus did. He ministered to the same people who will reject Him in the end.
  • We do not need more time to do the ministry. Our 24 hours is more than enough. We just need to insert ministry in our lifestyle.
  • The pressure that we have is the pressure that we put in ourselves.
  • Our readiness to disciple is not about us. God equips us to disciple from day 1. We just need to listen to Him.
  • Discipleship is a relationship first and foremost.
  • I narrated in full my experience attending the said class in this post.

Celebrating Father’s Day

I also had a meaningful bonding day with the family celebrating Father’s Day last June 17. We shared a simple dinner at Yellow Cab Betterliving and coffee at the nearby Starbucks. I really appreciate my Dad so much, even more now that I’m older. My father’s gentle spirit and wisdom is something I always look for in someone. He is a great father and I cannot imagine not having him as my dad.

Pa, maraming salamat para sa lahat.


FAMI Annual Shareholders Meeting 2019

Just like last year, I also participated in this year's FAMI Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. To those who are new, I am currently employed at First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI). It is a yearly event where investors are invited to hear out the updates about the funds they invested and the plans for next year.

If you are curious about mutual fund and how it works you can check my other blog SavingsPinay.

This year is special because unlike the past two years where I attend as a volunteer, I am now part of the “punong abala” because the Marketing and Product Development Team is tasked to organize the said yearly event. I have a ton of experience when it comes to organizing events because of my weddings and events background and those learnings really helped during the execution of this years’ Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Were you there? If not, here's a quick event video recap you can watch:

June 2019 Favorites

Beauty - Have you read my review of the Miniso Silicone Facial Cleanser? It is my first ever cleansing device that’s battery-operated and I totally loving it for my skincare routine. For the price of less than Php 300, this cleansing device is just a must try. My face feels cleanser and smoother every single time. I also find my face to look brighter in a way. I can’t compare it to Foreo Luna because I don’t have that tool, but for a newbie when it comes to facial cleansing device, this is super worth it! 

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Movie or Show - I have no movie or show recommendation for this month as I haven’t watched any at all. I am such a busy bee. If you have a movie or show recommendation please let me know. 

Song - Last month I shared with you how much of  a NCTzen convert I’ve become. I’ve been listening to almost all of their song releases, watching them on YouTube from music videos, practice videos and interviews! I even quickly memorized each and every member, even if  they are 18 in total. 

For June I have nothing but praise for WayV which is a sub-unit of NCT based in China. The members include two from my bias list Ten and Lucas together with Kun, WinWin Xiaojun, Hendery and YangYang. 

Below is their Spotify Playlist for your reference: 

Hope you enjoyed their music too. 

Looking Forward Next Month 

July will be the 60th birthday of my mother. Since it is a milestone birthday we will surely do something as a family to celebrate. My elder sister will be celebrating her birthday as well, same month. Aside from the double birthday celebration in the family there’s no more planned events for the month of July. 

That’s it for this month’s monthly recap.

How’s June 2019 for you?

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