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Attending Making Disciples Class at Victory Makati

Last June 8, I attended the first instalment for the year of Making Disciples Class at Victory Makati. Making Disciples is a one-day thorough course on what discipleship is all about. It was created to give a simple, biblical definition of discipleship, rather than a complicated theological one.

Making Disciples Class is one of the many discipleship classes being offered not just in Victory Makati but all Victory churches across the country (and world!). I am honestly thankful to be in a church community that continuously offer classes like this for growth. I believe it is one of the best ways we can grow spiritually and know God deeply.



The Discipleship Journey

The core of the Making Disciples Class is the introduction of The Discipleship Journey.The discipleship journey follows a four-part process:

  • Because everyone is valuable to God, we engage culture and community.
  • Because everyone will grow as our lives are built on Christ, we establish biblical foundations.
  • Because ministry is not only for full-time ministers, we equip believers to minister.
  • Because everyone is called to make disciples, we empower disciples to make disciples.

Engage - Establish - Equip - Empower.

Each principle has a set of tools designed to help the corresponding goal for each part of the discipleship process.

For example, as part of ENGAGEMENT Victory Groups are made available, the Weekend services are there, and the church provides engaging events where everyone, churchgoers or first time visitors, can come together. Above all, One 2 One ministry is happening.

The goal of Engage is to preach the gospel through sharing the church culture and community.

Purple Book Class, the one I attended last year was part of Establish. It was like a normal class where we would elect officers, take exams, memorize verses and more. We even had a graduation ceremony at our last day of class.

I learned a lot biblical foundations during the said class as follows:
  • What happened during The Fall (Genesis 3) and its significance.
  • The sovereignty of God providing us with free will.
  • The cost of following Christ which is absolute surrender.
  • The importance of devotion.
  • How asking questions could change the way you study the Bible.
  • We live to be extra generous. Genuine generosity means us trusting God will provide.
  • The the gospel must not stop with me, I am called to share the gospel to others.
  • And many more.

It is important to note that The Discipleship Journey functions as a cycle, continues and overlapping. We engage people in the hope of pointing them to Jesus Christ. As that process is happening, we also establish biblical foundations through personal devotion, being part of a Victory Group and attending the right classes. Since growth is inevitable as it is built in Christ, we become equipped to minister to others. And as we lead we are now given an authority to empower a disciple to make disciples too.
My Making Disciples Classmates!!! 



Your Two-Minute Miracle and Two-Verse Evangelism

This is a new concept for me and I am really glad I learned about it in the Making Disciples Class of Victory. Your two-minute miracle, or your testimony, is your personal irrefutable account of what Jesus has done for you and how He has changed your life.

I thought it would be hard to summarize my testimony in under two-minutes but you actually can. Just tell who you are before Christ, meeting Christ and in Christ. That’s it! We were tasked to tell our Two-Minute Miracle to the person beside us and it's really touching to hear someone’s verbal account of finding God.

The two-verse evangelism, on the other hand, shares two verses that can be used to preach the gospel. The two verses are found in the same book - Romas.

Romans 3:23 - ...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 6:23- For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The above verses clearly paints a picture of God’s plan for salvation and redemption, and how we can respond to it.

Making Disciples Class Highlights

In summary, here are the highlights from the Making Disciples Class I attended:

  • If you don’t minister because you are afraid of rejection, then just think of what Jesus did. He ministered to the same people who will reject Him in the end.
  • We do not need more time to do the ministry. Our 24 hours is more than enough. We just need to insert ministry in our lifestyle.
  • The pressure that we have is the pressure that we put in ourselves.
  • Our readiness to disciple is not about us. God equips us to disciple from day 1. We just need to listen to Him.
  • Discipleship is a relationship first and foremost.




As I’ve mentioned in my testimony, I got reached out and baptized to Christianity in 2010. However, I never really grew in faith. I never really pursued a relationship with Jesus Christ. When I transferred to a new job in 2017, I decided one day to pay a visit at Victory Makati. Then, I knew I found my home. Attending classes such as Making Disciples is truly a great investment.

Have you ever attended a Making Disciples Class?

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