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Goodbye May, Hello June 2019

It's time to recap what happened for the month of May 2019 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming month.

Still can’t believe May is now over and we are now halfway through the year. May 2019 has been a roller coaster ride to be honest. I had these down moments toward the beginning of the month and quickly recover. Thanks to family, friends and church community whom I truly appreciate so much.

There were significant happenings for May that I can’t begin to share to you so better get this post going.

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Avengers End Game Movie Screening

We had a free block screening just like last April at work. This time we watched Avengers End Game. Sadly though, our free movie pass was almost two weeks delay already from the showing. So you just imagine the amount of spoilers I received before watching.

Overall, the movie was good in my opinion. It wasn’t as phenomenal as I thought it would be as an ending to the great Marvel Cinematic Universe but I did laugh and cry and got surprised throughout the three-hour film.

Another good thing was that I get to watch the movie with my eldest sister and was able to spend the rest of the weekend with her at Viera Residences.

I also finally decided to buy her MacBook Air. So yeah, I’m using a new laptop now for blogging and oh, am I the happiest girl ever.

Current Desk Set Up :)

Election 2019

It’s my second national election since becoming a registered voter. I shared my first ever voting experience here if you want to read.

For this Election 2019, we voted for senators and city officials. I was undervote by one category, party list because I didn’t know the ballot was back to back! Haha. But, overall I felt pretty confident with the decision I made and whom I voted.

The difference this year compared to Halalan 2016 was the implementation of the electronic transmission of data. We got the result in almost the same day as the election. I enjoyed this website created by ABS-CBN solely to show the results of the election -

For senators, almost half of whom I voted made it. However, the local city officials were different. Almost all of whom I voted did not win.

It’s fun, in a way, because election day becomes a bonding for us family. I voted together with my siblings and we went to the mall after.

Just praying these elected officials lead and serve the Filipino people well.


Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2019

Finally able to attend for the first time ever the Money Summit and Wealth Expo, the pioneer and #1 investment conference in the Philippines.

Long before the event happened, I was really keen in attending one but I see the ticket price as a hindrance. An individual ticket costs Php 3000, almost like an admission to a concert’s General Ad.

Thankfully, as part of Marketing Team of one of leading asset management in the country, I was able to attend. Our company decided to be one of the sponsors so we had free pass to the summit! Yehey!

It was work, since I have to capture photos and assist in the booth area but I had so much knowledge gained especially with the lineup of speakers. I got to meet Sir Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich, one of the finance blog I read. I also learned new investment skills and strategies especially, flipping foreclosed properties.

Amazing experience.

Photo from Money Summit & Wealth Expo Facebook Page

Our booth! Left: My immediate superior. Right: One of our Sales Relationship Manager

Leaders Convergence

Leaders Convergence is the gathering of active leaders and interns for a time of worship, prayer, learning, and knowing what’s going to happen next for Victory Makati. This is my second Leaders Convergence.

The first took place last January, wherein we were privileged to hear words Bishop Manny Carlos.

For the second quarter, the Leaders Convergence took place at Alphaland Makati, our home. It was also humbling because I went there with my intern Belle (who didn’t even know she is now an intern haha). Since I am now leading a Victory Group, we were trained to always lead by leaving. Always thinking as to whom within the group is showing leadership potential.

Belle has been nothing but a happy pill for the group and I am amazed by how much passion she has shown over the past months. You will see her desire for spiritual growth and her hunger to get to know God more. I am grateful to have witnessed her journey and be there to support and to pray for her, always.

Another amazing activity we had for the Leaders Convergence was Prophetic Presbytery led by friends from other Victory Church.

Prophetic Presbytery when presbyters (elders) lay hands on and prophesy over selected believers to speak the will of God over them. Here’s a good reading about it and how it works.

If I can only share to you what I heard from the said activity. I was moved and touched by how God works in the church community I belong to. Everything was just on point and greatly encouraged me to continue growing and walk by faith.


May 2019 Favorites

Beauty - I have new liquid lipstick from Maybelline that I couldn’t stop using! It is the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Ruler. It is the perfect matte liquid lipstick for office girls because it stays for hours! Like I don’t need to redo my lipstick at all. The pigment is also good plus it dries fast without making my lips chapped.

Movie or Show - Aside from Avengers End Game, I also got to watch Aladdin and it was really good. Will Smith did a fantastic job as Genie as well as Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. My favorite scene out of the entire movie was Prince Ali’s entrance for it was funny and moving at the same time.

Song - I am a recent NCTzen convert! For some reason I found their songs addicting. I started listening to Regular, then Boss then found other great songs such as 7th Sense, Cherry Bomb, Without You, Simon Says and Touch.

You can listen to all the songs in their Spotify Playlist - This is NCT.

Aside from listening to almost all of their song releases, I also watch them on YouTube. I watch their music videos, practice videos and interviews! And yes, I quickly memorized each and every member and they are 18! HAHA.

My bias list goes to Yuta, Ten, Lucas, Jungwoo and Taeil. There’s also WayV which is a sub-unit of NCT based in China and I love them too!!!

Looking Forward Next Month 

There’s not much happening for June aside from the Making Disciples Class I will be attending on June 8 and the Annual Shareholders Meeting, an event at work. Most of my intentions for June 2019 is just to get back on my routines, read more books and exercise. I will also start working on my personal goals before 2019 ends. That’s it.

How’s your May 2019?

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