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7 More Beautiful Worship Songs Recommendation

Welcome to another Sunday morning read! 

Today I will share 10 more beautiful worship songs recommendation for your quiet time with God. 

I did a post a year ago and I have more songs I enjoy listening to whenever I do my devotion. The very songs that allow me to really surrender completely in the presence of God. 

Hope you enjoy these songs too.



Great God - Victory Worship

Cause he is the great God
He is an awesome, wonderful God
Mighty in Power, Author of Wisdom
Better than life

This is the newest song that makes me want to lift up my hands and worship. I love the message of the song and the energy it vibrates whenever it is played. Even at church, when this song is played during the worship part, it is as if I zone out in praise to God. 

You Have My Heart - Every Nation Music

Another song that has been on my go to worship songs for some time now is You Last Forever also by Every Nation Music. It is one of the most emotional songs from start to finish I have heard so far. It also speaks a lot of what I want to say to God especially the lyrics towards the end:

I don't have much, to bring!
But You can have all, of me!
You make the broken beautiful!
Ever I'll burn, for You!
There's nothing I'm holding to!
All of my life is Yours alone!
Oh, its Yours, Lord!
Oh, its Yours!

It’s like a petition to God and a promise of faithfulness and holding on to whatever His plans is and will be. Such a powerful worship song.

Lord of All - Victory Worship

This song has such a great lyrics specially the chorus and bridge part. It is a declaration of total humility and willingness to be used by God for His glory. It's easy to forget God’s blessings in our lives. Sometimes we tend to get the honor and glory instead of the other way around. This song will shift your thinking a lot and has helped me personally to be in the lack of pride.  

I want to live for You
Be glorified forever
My life will declare
You alone are Lord
Everything of me
Use it for Your glory
That everyone will see
Will hear, will know
You are Lord of all

Here I am, Lord, mold me
Here I am, Lord, use me
Here I am, Lord send me

For Your glory

Grace Changes Everything - Victory Worship

This is yet another great song that humbles you as you go before God and speak to Him. Every word in the song speaks to the heart, how God’s grace can change everything. 

What God did, sacrificing His faultless, blameless Son Jesus Christ to die at the Cross 2000 years ago already finished and declared our victory. There's no sin too great, there's no pain too deep because of Him.



Unshakable - Mid-Cities Worship

This is an amazing worship song especially for quiet times with God. God is constant yesterday, today and tomorrow. He stays the same, never changing. Even when we miss the mark, He is ready to forgive and accept like a loving Father. This song speaks so much of the verse “And if our God is for us, who can be against us.”

Truly when we are with God, nothing can defeat us as He is the unshakable King.

When the world is shaking, when all around me falls
When this heart is breaking, there's one Name I will call
I will always cry Jesus, the greatest Name I know
'Cause You're my strong foundation, the Rock I'm standing on!

Who You were, is who You are
Who You are, You always will be
Seated in the highest place

The unshakable King ...

Beauty for Ashes - Mid-Cities Worship

I remember hearing this song at one of our church services and was deeply moved by its message. The feelings I have are pure amazement over God’s heart for the people. All we have to do is surrender and we will no longer be in sin, no longer afraid and become washed as white as snow. 

Our walk here on Earth is never easy. We will experience pain, sorrow and grief. We may come to question whether God is really for us. 

But, there is beauty for ashes.

Here’s a better explanation from Crosswalk:
What Beauty for Ashes Really Means: 
His Truth says this: He was there. In the midst of it all.
And though we may not always see it, or feel it, or even understand it, we can know beyond a doubt, that He is now. Still. He is with us.
Isn’t that beautiful?  

No longer sin, No longer afraid
You have washed me white as snow
No longer bound, now I am crowned
Once in darkness now I know
You save
You save
And You give me beauty for ashes
And You pull me close to Your heart
You have turned my mourning to dancing

That's what You do, that's who You are



Forever Found - Victory Worship

My current personal favorite worship song and one I will recommend for everyone to hear.  It is a song I connected to, the first time I heard it. 

This song is my story. I will always be in deep gratefulness seeing all God has done in my life and how I’m His. This song is a celebration of me (and you!) being forever found, forever changed.

Forever found I’m never leaving

Marked by the blood that You spilled for me
Forever changed by Your glory
You call me out into eternity

I’m wrecked by love
My fears are fleeting
Seeing all You’ve done
And how I’m Yours

Keep me near the cross
Where Your mercy found me
Free for all who call

Won’t You bring us to the cross

That's it for this post.

What's your favorite worship song on your quiet time with God?

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