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50 Blog Post Ideas for Personal Finance Blog

Today I will be sharing 50 blog post ideas for personal finance blog.

Do you own a personal finance blog? Or wanting to start a blog about money, investments and early retirement?

As you may know, aside from this blog I also have, a personal finance blog that helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time.

I decided to blog about money management just to really learn more about how money works. I got obsessed reading business and financial books and couldn't contain the knowledge that I am getting anymore so I started sharing them online.

I actually didn’t expect that much in SavingsPinay. First of all, business and finance is not a very popular blogging niche in the Philippines. Second, I was just 19 years old back then and fresh from the university. I felt scared that no one would believe me.

Fortunately, after years I was able to gain a mark in the business finance blog category. I got event invitations, partnerships and collaborations. The highest average pageviews I had in a month is 26,000. I also became part of the top blogs to read list from and

A few weeks ago I posted 50 Blog Post Ideas for Beauty and Lifestyle Blog and today I will be sharing 50 Blog Post Ideas for Personal Finance Blog instead.

Let's begin!

Main Categories

In a financial blog you have a very focused niche. Since you chose something that talks about money and only everything that is in between the said topic.

Your main categories can be any of the below:

1. Personal Finance
2. Investing
3. Banking
4. Savings
5. Budgeting
6. Debt
7. Retirement

Now we can formulate blog post ideas per topic. Most of the topics that I will relay to you have been posted on my blog, SavingsPinay already so make sure you visit the blog to see examples.


  • Financial Assessment (Why You Must Know Your Financial Net Worth Now)
  • Financial Goal Setting (You can even start sharing your monthly financial goals)
  • Most Important Lessons to Learn on Personal Finance
  • How to be rich?
  • Studying Your Paycheck
  • How to Increase Your Income?
  • Protecting Your Money
  • Tips in handling bills and expenses
  • Should you get an insurance or not
  • All about Credit Cards and How to Use Them


  • How to Invest for Beginners
  • Investing in Stock Market
  • Investing in Mutual Funds (Understanding Mutual Funds as Investment Vehicle in the Philippines)
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • How to Start a Business
  • Timeless Investing Tips and Tricks
  • Investing Terms You Should Known
  • ___ Biggest Investment Myths Busted!


  • Facts about Banks
  • What is Online Banking and How to Use One
  • How to Choose a Bank
  • How to Protect Your Money in the Bank
  • How to Grow Your Money through Banks
  • Banking Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Better Way to Use ATM


  • Saving money for beginners
  • Tips on how to save within small income
  • Saving Money for Students
  • Saving Money for Employees
  • How to Boost Your Savings
  • 7 Impressive Ways to Save Money
  • How to Build an Emergency Fund
  • How to Save ___________pesos in ________days/weeks/years


  • How to Budget for Beginners
  • How to Budget Effectively
  • Effective Budget Categories
  • Why Budgeting is Important
  • Tips in Budgeting
  • How to Create a Budget and Stick on it


  • ___ Ways To Pay Debt Fast
  • How to Manage Your Debt
  • How to Pay off Debt
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Paying Debt


  • How to be financially at peace before your retirement
  • How to retire wealthy
  • Retirement calculators
  • Life after retirement
  • How to Invest when You're Retiring
  • All about Pension
  • All About Rights for Senior Citizens

I hope that this blog post has helped you. You can visit Savingspinay to get further insight on what a Financial Blog is. You can also go to my beauty and lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino to see another blog niche.

Do you have other blog post ideas on Personal Finance?

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  1. Love this po! Thanks for these valuable topic ideas. As a personal finance blogger myself, I'll be sure to use some of these! :) More power Ms. Izza!