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Life Lately #11

In 2016, I started sharing end-of-the-week Life Lately posts. 

I was able to post not just 1, 2 but 10 Life Lately before I ditched the blog series. Here are all of them in case you want to re-read - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Here’s a quick life update followed by five things lately.


The whole COVID-19 situation is just affecting every area of my life lately. 

On a personal touch point, it’s teaching me courage. Both my parents are in their 60s already and have prior medical conditions as well. These, and the fact that they are still stubborn to open our sari-sari store makes me anxious that they will get the disease.

But time and time again I will get reminded that now is not a time for fear and worry. It’s really more of courage to face the unknown and trusting that God is in control. 

With the newfound time I have (thanks to no commute to and from work now), I selected small projects I’d like to do before the enhanced community quarantine ends. These projects involve organizing my bookshelf, organizing my drawers, scheduling posts in advance, and more. I created a post on 40 Productive Things You Can Do During This Lockdown in case you need ideas of life projects to pursue.



Since the enhanced community quarantine began, our company have been in operation on a work-from-home basis. I’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to work from home and it’s really different than the usual. 

I miss my desk so much and my workmates as well.

But, staying home is the best solution for now to stop the spread of the virus. 


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Five Things Lately

1. Healthy Options Vitamins

Before the lockdown happened, I was able to visit Healthy Options and got myself a number of supplements. I used to drink their Vitamin C capsule before but I found it hard to stick to a drinking schedule. 

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is present more than ever, I have no more excuse not to drink vitamins. Aside from Vitamin C, I also bought Vitamin A and D as well as Collagen Complete. 

So far, all the vitamins are great. I see to it that I drink them every single day for my immunity. 

2. Treasure 13 

I’ve been enjoying watching videos and learning member profiles of YG Entertainments’ new boy group Treasure 13. It all started with their single Going Crazy then I watched all videos I found about them on YouTube. In just an hour I memorized all the 12 members and even knew a thing or two about them. Haha. 

The last time I got really into a Kpop group rookie was with Seventeen. Treasure 13 can’t promote for now because of the COVID-19 situation but I do hope they get to perform on music shows soon.

Here’s a video of Going Crazy. Hope you won’t get LSS. 

3. Cooking

Since I’m home every single day, I’ve also been cooking dishes for the family. My Carbonara Specialty was greatly appreciated by the family last weekend. I also did a Bossam Pinoy version for dinner because we had kimchi in the refrigerator. It tasted really good with the kimchi combined. I also cooked fried fish fillet with mayo-lemon dip, and the countless fried eggs every now and then.

My appetite now that I’m at home is way, way different. I’m pretty sure I gained weight just by staying at home. I do try to do exercises though every workday.

4. Favorite movies/TV series I’ve been watching lately

Here are some of the movies and TV series I’ve watched and been watching lately, grouped by category:

Korean Movies

Money | Parasite | Keys to the Heart | Love + Sling | Along with the Gods 1 and 2 | The Throne | One Way Trip | Masquerade | Extreme Job | The Bros

Korean TV Series

Beauty Inside

Netflix Movies 

Two Popes | The Occupant 

Netflix TV Series

How I Met Your Mother (Done all episodes) | Prison Break | Kingdom Season 2 |Friends

5. Projects I am working on 

I promised myself I will make the rest of the enhanced community quarantine to be productive. For now I am working on finishing two more books. This will total my reads since March 2020 to 5 books! Yay, the biggest number I had so far. I am also spending a lot of time working on my podcast launch. But this will be for

For now, I am coping really well with the work-from-home set up. I’m thankful I have a work desk at home, a stable internet, and that what I do as a digital marketer is really geared towards the remote work set up. 

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