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How to Create a Work From Home Routine

With the enhanced community quarantine still in place, most find themselves suddenly working from home. 

Being in a work from home set up when you are used to commuting and going to an actual office can be daunting. It may seem liberating at first but when you are handling day-to-day job and household chores all at the same time, it will be tiring.

The most important thing to do is establish and work from home routine. And in today's post I will be sharing my tips on staying productive and focused while working from home. Let’s create a work from home routine that will help you achieve your goals.

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Have your dedicated workspace

Stop working in random places in your room or house and instead choose a corner where you feel the most comfortable to sit down and work.

Why do I find this helpful? A workspace allows you to do real “work”. It helps setting boundaries between relaxation and doing productive tasks.

You don’t need to have a huge office space to work from home. Just have a corner where you can feel creative and productive. 

My makeshift dedicated workspace is a Php 500 desk I got from Handyman. It’s the same desk I use as a background for my instagram flatlays

A dedicated workspace also helps your brain know you’re currently working. If you continue working in your bedroom, it gives a mixed signal to your brain that it’s time to rest. If you don’t have a desk where you can work, try your kitchen table instead.

Bonus Tip! A great way to establish yourself to a good work from home routine is to make an effort to get up and get dressed nicely. 

Turn off distractions

One of the hardest parts of establishing an effective work from home routine is getting free from distraction. Distraction is all around us. It can be your phone notifications, a quick search on Wikipedia, your TV or the series you said you will just watch as a background noise. Even a simple song you heard on Spotify can distract you from what you are working on. 

Whatever it is that can distract you from work - TURN IT OFF!

I know it is easier said than done. I personally struggle in this area as well. I find myself constantly scrolling on my phone since a lot of my work has to do with social media. My main job is Digital Marketing and my passion projects include social media as well. 

But here are some of the ways I find best to minimize distractions.

  • Set a timer. I love this productivity hack so much! Whenever I find myself procrastinating over a task, I simply set a timer for 25 minutes and work on it until the timer stops. Sometimes it takes 2-3 25 minute timers, sometimes even less than 25 minutes. What I realized is that having a timer helps me focus on the task and get it done. I personally use the Be Focused App which follows the Pomodoro Technique. I get a 5 minute break for every 25 minutes of work I do.

  • Turn off phone notifications. You can easily set your phone notifications especially on social media to silent. Just go to Settings and select Notifications. Now each app on your phone has its own notifications, which are subdivided by the place they appear: lock screen, notification center, and banners. Turn them off at least while you are still working.

  • Choose LoFi or Classical Music. Instead of songs with lyrics, listen to LoFi or Classical music. There’s a bunch of playlists available on Spotify or Apple Music for this. Music can be a friend too when you are working from home. It helps you concentrate or wind down. 

  • Make distraction your reward for working well. If you find yourself torn between focusing on the task or finishing one more episode of the series you are watching, fret not. There’s a way you can do both! I highly suggest using distraction as a form of reward whenever you finish a big task. For example, if I get to finish one blog post from draft to publishing, I reward myself with one episode of the series I’m currently watching. This is how I was able to finish How I Met Your Mother without sacrificing productivity and sleep!

Make a Plan

I’ve mentioned this before but in case you are new to this blog, I’m a big fan of making lists. I make lists for everything. Lists help me restore my focus and free me from worrying about what I should do next.

Working from home can be a great training for you to start your day with a plan. Before you open your laptop and start working, grab a pen and paper first and make a to do list. Include all your tasks of the day and not just work. Do you need to pay bills? Transfer money to your family in the province? Clean the refrigerator? Make sure you are also working on the bigger tasks that will help you get closer to your goals.

Schedule breaks

The current COVID-19 pandemic can lead us to cause fear, isolation and anxiety. Thus, having breaks are more important than ever. Make sure you put breaks in your schedule as your work from home. 
Step away from the desk from time to time. Stand up, do some stretching, walk to your kitchen and hydrate. Being on the computer screen for so long can cause damage to our eyes. Schedule a 10 minute break from time to time to read a book, tidy up, call someone, play an online game, etc.

Set your own Work From Home Routine Ground Rules

How productive or successful your day or week will be depends on you. So, set your own work from home ground rules instead. 
What for you needs to be in your work from home routine?
Maintain your regular working hours and stop when it is over. The current situation provides us with the gift of time to pause, to relax and to practice self-care when needed. Separate your working hours to your off hours.


A great work from home routine needs discipline and patience. Make sure that you get dressed and get ready just the same. Have a dedicated workspace to do your work productively and minimize distractions. It’s also great to make a plan for the day or for the week. Lastly, schedule breaks. Stress can affect our immune system.

Stay safe everyone! 

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